Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow was an American art-pop trio from Philadelphia that released a self-titled album in 1972 on the Family Productions label. Members: Richard Billay (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Richie Bremen (bass), Joe Zucca (drums) Background Sleepy Hollow formed in Philadelphia, where singer and songwriter Richard Billay teamed with bassist Richie Bremen and drummer Joe Zucca. […]

The Nice

The Nice was an English psychedelic rock band with keyboardist Keith Emerson. In 1968, they scored a UK hit with “America” and released two albums on Immediate Records: The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack and Ars Longa Vita Brevis. In 1969, The Nice released a self-titled third album (aka Everything as Nice as Mother Makes It) […]

National Health

National Health was an English avant-jazz/rock band from Canterbury that released a self-titled album on Affinity in 1978, followed that same year by Of Queues and Cures on parent-label Charly. The band featured three-fourths of Hatfield and the North — keyboardist Dave Stewart, guitarist Phil Miller, and drummer Pip Pyle — with a revolving line […]


Blackfeather was an Australian post-psychedelic hard-rock band that released the 1971 Infinity album At the Mountains of Madness. Amid multiple lineup changes, they cut two standalone singles and the 1972–74 live albums Boppin’ the Blues and Live! (Sunbury). Members: John Robinson (guitar, 1970-71), Neale Johns (vocals, 1970-73, 1975-76, 1978, 1983), Leith Corbett (bass, 1970), Mike […]

The Easybeats

The Easybeats were an Australian rock band that released five albums between 1965 and 1969 and scored national hits with “Sorry,” “She’s So Fine,” “Wedding Ring,” and “Heaven and Hell.” Abroad, they charted with “St. Louis” and the sixties anthem “Friday On My Mind.” The creative team of Harry Vanda and George Young went into […]

The Adverts

The Adverts were an English punk-rock band, best known for the 1977 singles “One Chord Wonders” and “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes” and the 1978 album Crossing the Red Sea With The Adverts. Their second album, Cast of Thousands, appeared shortly before their breakup in late 1979. Members: T.V. Smith (vocals), Gaye Advert (bass), Howard Pickup [Howard […]

Vinegar Joe

Vinegar Joe was an English soul-rock band that released three albums on Island Records: Vinegar Joe, Rock’n’Roll Gypsies (both 1972), and Six Star General (1973). The band germinated when ex-Alan Bown Set vocalist Robert Palmer joined Dada, the prior band of co-vocalist Elkie Brooks and guitarist Pete Gage. Vinegar Joe also featured several musicians with […]

Raw Material

Raw Material was an English post-psych band that released a self-titled album in 1970 on small-press Evolution, followed in 1971 by Time Is… on RCA Neon. Members: Colin Catt (vocals, keyboards), Mike Fletcher (saxophone, flute, vocals, 1970-72), Dave Green (guitar, 1970-72), Phil Gunn (bass, guitar, ?-1971), Paul Young (percussion, 1970-72), Cliff Harewood (lead guitar, 1971-72) […]


Accolade was an English folk-rock band that released a self-titled album on Columbia in 1970, followed by a second on Regal Zonophone in 1971. The first album features singer–songwriter Gordon Giltrap, who later charted as an instrumental symphonic-rock musician. Members: Brian Cresswell (saxophone, flute), Gordon Giltrap (guitar, vocals), Ian Hoyle (drums), Don Partridge (guitar, vocals, […]

Fanny Adams

Fanny Adams was a hard-rock/blues band comprised of Australian musicians based in London, England. Guitarist Vince Melouney was a founding member of the Aztecs and served in the 1967–68 lineup of the Bee Gees. Vocalist Doug Parkinson fronted the psych-rock band In Focus, which also included Welsh-born drummer Johnny Dick, who did prior stints in […]


Zior was an English post-psychedelic hard rock band that released a 1971 self-titled album on Nepentha (UK) and Global (Germany). Their demoed second album, Every Inch a Man, appeared in 1973 on the German Intercord label. Between the two albums, Zior (under the band alias Monument) recorded The First Monument, released in late 1971 on […]

Jody Grind

Jody Grind was an English psychedelic organ-rock trio that released the albums One Step On and Far Canal on Transatlantic in 1969/70. Members: Tim Hinkley (organ, keyboards), Ivan Zagni (guitar, 1968-69), Martyn Harryman (drums, 1968-69), Barry Wilson (drums, 1969), Pete Gavin (drums, 1969-70), Bernie Holland (guitar, bass, vocals, 1969-?), Louis Cennamo (bass) Background Jody Grind […]


Icarus was an English post-psych hard rock band that cut the 1968 single “The Devil Rides Out” on Spark Records. In 1972, a revised lineup surfaced with the album The Marvel World of Icarus on Pye Records. It features songs about superheroes from the Marvel Universe, as depicted on the cover. Members: Iain Hills [Iain […]

Kahvas Jute

Kahvas Jute was an Australian post-psychedelic hard-rock band from Sydney that released the 1971 album Wide Open on Infinity Records. Members: Dennis D. Wilson (lead vocals, guitar, 1970-71, 1973-74), Bob Daisley (bass, harmony vocals, 1970-71), Tim Gaze (guitar, steel guitar, piano, vocals, 1970-71), Dannie Davidson (drums), Scott Maxey (bass, 1971, 1973-74), Peter Roberts (bass, 1974) […]


Sherbet was an Australian rock band from Sydney that released seven studio albums between 1972 and 1978 and scored hits with “Summer Love,” “Life,” “Howzat,” and “Magazine Madonna.” They made European inroads with the 1976–77 albums Howzat! and Photoplay (aka Magazine) and recorded their 1978 eponymous album (aka Highway 1) in Los Angeles. Sherbet disbanded […]

Slack Alice

Slack Alice was an English barroom-rock band, led by veteran singer Alice Spring. In 1974, they issued a self-titled album on Philips. Keyboardist John Cook moved on to Kestrel and Midnight Flyer. Spring and bassist Mike Howard reconfigured in new wavers Darling for a 1979 album on Charisma. Members: Alice Spring [aka Sandra Barry] (vocals), […]

Beggars Opera

Beggars Opera was a Scottish symphonic/psych band that released four albums on Vertigo between 1970 and 1973 — including the popular 1971/72 efforts Waters of Change and Pathfinder — followed by two mid-decade titles on Jupiter. A return to Vertigo yielded the 1980 album Life Line. A further round of ’80s-era recordings would appear on the […]


Fingerprintz was a Scottish new wave band signed to Virgin Records. Between 1979 and 1981, they released three albums: The Very Dab, Distinguishing Marks, and Beat Noir. Bandleader Jimme O’Neill also wrote songs for Lene Lovich and later worked with Jacqui Brookes. He and guitarist Cha Burns later reteamed in The Silencers. Members: Jimme O’Neill […]

Stealers Wheel

Stealers Wheel was a Scottish folk-pop band that released three albums on A&M: Stealers Wheel (1972), Ferguslie Park (1973), and Right or Wrong (1975). They scored an international hit with “Stuck In the Middle With You,” performed by their original five-piece lineup. After the first album, songwriters Joe Egan and Gerry Rafferty maintained the band with […]

Writing on the Wall

Writing On the Wall was a Scottish post-psych band that released a standalone single and the album The Power of the Picts on Middle Earth in 1969. Four years later, the band released a one-off single on Pye. Members: Jake Scott (bass, vocals), Jimmy Hush (drums), William “Bill” Scott (keyboards), Linnie Paterson (lead vocals, 1968-70), […]

Berlin Blondes

Berlin Blondes were a Scottish coldwave/New Romantic band that released a self-titled album on EMI in 1980. Members: Steven Bonomi (vocals), Robert Farrell (guitar, synthesizer), Jim McKinven [Jim Spender] (keyboards, synthesizer, 1979-80), David Rudden (bass, 1979-80), Nick Clarke (bass, 1980-81), Steve ‘Stevo’ Jones (keyboards, 1981), Alasdair Gowans (bass, 1981), Brian Miller (drums, 1981), David Freeman […]

Dr. Strangely Strange

Dr. Strangely Strange was an Irish folk–psych combo that released the 1969–70 albums Kip of the Serenes and Heavy Petting. Songs for a planned third album later appeared on the archival disc Halcyon Days. Members: Tim Booth (vocals, guitar), Ivan Pawle (bass, keyboards), Tim Goulding (vocals, keyboards), Joe Thoma (fiddle, mandolin, 1980-present) Formation Dr. Strangely […]


Fruupp was an Irish symphonic-rock band that released four albums on Dawn between 1973 and 1975. Members: Vince McCusker (guitar, vocals), Peter Farrelly (vocals, bass), Stephen Houston (keyboards, oboe, cello, violin, 1971-74), John Mason (keyboards, 1975-76), Martin Foye (drums) Inception The band formed in 1971 when guitarist Vincent McCusker enlisted singer/bassist Peter Farrelly, keyboardist Stephen […]


Taste was an Irish blues-rock power trio that was active between 1968 and 1970. They issued two turn-of-the-decade albums on Polydor before guitarist/vocalist Rory Gallagher disbanded the group to launch his solo career. Two live documents and a mini-album of unreleased early recordings were issued post-breakup. Members: Rory Gallagher (vocals, guitar, 1966-70), Eric Kittringham (bass, […]

Andwellas Dream

Andwellas Dream was an Irish psychedelic pop trio that released the 1969 CBS album Love and Poetry. As the four-piece Andwella, they released the 1970–71 Reflection albums World’s End and People’s People. Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist David Lewis release three seventies solo albums. Andwellas Dream members: David Lewis (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Nigel Smith [Nigel Portman-Smith] […]


Timebox was an English rock band that released two 1967 singles on Piccadilly. With singer Mike Patto, they released six singles on Deram and scored a soul-pop hit with “Beggin’.” Patto’s songwriting partnership with guitarist–vibraphonist Ollie Halsall produced an unreleased album and the 1969 singles “Baked Jam Roll In Your Eye” and “Yellow Van.” Musically, […]


Affinity was an English jazz-rock/psych band that released a self-titled album on the Vertigo “swirl” label in 1970. Vocalist Linda Hoyle followed up the band with a 1971 solo album Pieces of Me. Drummer Grant Serpell resurfaced in 1974 with vaudeville-popsters Sailor. Members: Mike Jopp (guitar), Mo Foster (bass), Grant Serpell (drums), Linda Hoyle (vocals, […]


Pirana was an Australian Latin jam-rock band from Sydney that released the 1971–72 albums Pirana and Pirana II on Harvest. Members: Tony Hamilton (vocals, guitar), Stan White (keyboards, 1970-71), Keith Greig (keyboards, 1971-72), Jim Duke-Yonge (drums, percussion, 1970-73), Phil Hitchcock (bass, 1974), Andrew McCue (keyboards, flute, 1973), Richard McEwan (guitar, vocals, 1972), Paul Spetter (drums, […]


Spectrum was an Australian rustic-rock/jam band from Melbourne that debuted with the popular single “I’ll Be Gone” and the album Spectrum Part One on Harvest in 1971, followed by the double-album Milesago in 1972. A pair of live and studio releases on EMI in 1973 were co-credited to the band and their alter-ego the Incredible […]


Sun was an Australian jazz-rock-soul band from Sydney that released the album Sun 1972 on RCA Victor. Singer Renée Geyer launched a long-lasting solo career. Members: Renée Geyer (vocals, 1972), Keith Shadwick (saxophone, flute, clarinet, vocals), Chris Sonnenberg (guitar), George Almanza (piano), Henry Correy (bass), Garry Norwell (drums), Richard Clapton (vocals, 1972-73), Starlee Ford (vocals, […]

Tamam Shud

Tamam Shud was an Australian psych-rock band from Sydney that released the album Evolution on CBS in 1969, followed by Goolutionites and the Real People on Warner Bros. in 1970. Members: Bjerre (guitar, vocals), Peter Barron (bass), Dannie Davidson (drums, 1967-70), Tim Gaze (guitar, vocals, 1970-72, 1994-95), Bobby Gebert (keyboards, 1971), Richard Lockwood (saxophone, flute, […]

Tarney/Spencer Band

The Tarney–Spencer Band (alternately billed as Tarney & Spencer) was the Australian pop-rock duo of multi-instrumentalist Alan Tarney and drummer Trevor Spencer. They released a self-titled 1976 album on Bradley’s, followed by the 1978–79 A&M albums Three’s a Crowd and Run for Your Life. “No Time to Lose” remains an FM wildcard in select US […]

Tin Tin

Tin Tin was an Australian orchestral-pop combo that released the 1970–71 albums Tin Tin and Astral Taxi on Atco–Polydor. They charted with “Toast and Marmalade for Tea,” a psychedelic Bee Gees pastiche produced by Maurice Gibb. Singer–keyboardist Steve Kipner (ex-Steve & The Board) formed the Los Angeles trios Friends and Skyband. After his 1979 solo […]

The Twilights

The Twilights were an Australian beat sextet that released thirteen singles and two albums between 1965 and 1968 on Columbia (EMI). Their concept album Once Upon a Twilight evolved from a planned TV series. They included future Axiom–Little River Band singer Glenn Shorrock and guitarist–songwriter Terry Britten, who later wrote hits for Cliff Richard and […]


Pigbag was an English new wave jazz-funk band, best known for the 1982 UK hit “Papa’s Got a Brand New Pigbag.” They released five singles and the 1982–83 albums Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jive and Lend An Ear on Y Records. Members: Chris Hamlin (clarinet, percussion, 1980-81), Roger Freeman (trombone, percussion, 1980-82), James Johnstone (guitar, […]


Tractor was the English post-psych duo of singer–guitarist Jim Milne and drummer Steve Clayton. They formed as The Way We Live, which released the 1971 album A Candle for Judith on John Peel’s Dandelion label. Renamed Tractor, they made a 1972 self-titled album. They half-completed a third album before Dandelion’s collapse and cut three singles […]

Second Coming

The Second Coming was a nine-member American brass-rock band that released a self-titled album on Mercury in 1970. Members: Jack Kramer (trumpet, bugle, trombone, background vocals), Buddy Stephens (trumpet, lead vocals), Bill Dinwiddie (trombone, percussion, background vocals), Rick Rudolph (alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, alto flute, trombone), Les King (drums, congas, percussion, timpani), Dave Miller (Hammond […]


Pages were an American adult-oriented rock band from Los Angeles that released the 1978–79 albums Pages and Future Street. Mainstays Richard Page and Steve George made a third album (also titled Pages) in 1981 on Capitol. They later co-founded Mr. Mister. Members: Steve George (keyboards, vocals), Richard Page (vocals, piano, clavinet, guitar), John Lang (lyrics) […]


Zazu was an American rock band from Chicago that released a self-titled album in 1975 on Wooden Nickel. Members: Randy Curlee (bass, vocals), Mickey Lehockey (drums), John Melnick (keyboards, vocals), Paul Ripurero (guitar, vocals) Background Zazu formed in Chicago when keyboardist–composer John Melnick teamed with guitarist Paul Ripurero, bassist Randy Curlee, and drummer Mickey Lehockey. […]

Yezda Urfa

Yezda Urfa was an American symphonic|art-rock band that self-pressed 300 copies of their 1975 demo album, Boris. In 1976, they recorded a proper album and shopped it to multiple labels. It finally appeared as an archival disc, Sacred Baboon, in 1989 on Syn-Phonic. Members: Brad Christoff (drums, tubular bells, metallophone, percussion), Phil Kimbrough (keyboards, accordion, […]


Ethos was an American Midwest symphonic-rock band that released the 1976/77 albums Ardour and Open Up on Capitol. A collection of their early demos later appeared on the CD Relics. Members: Wil Sharpe (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Michael Ponczek (keyboards), Mark Richards (drums, percussion), Dan Owen (bass, vocals, 1973), Stevie Marra (bass, flute, vocals, 1974-75), Brad […]


The Nazz was an American psych-rock band from Philadelphia that released the 1968–69 albums Nazz and Nazz Nazz on SGC. Frontman Todd Rundgren launched a prolific solo career and later fronted Utopia. Drummer Thom Mooney resurfaced in the hard-rock super-trio Paris. Members: Robert “Stewkey” Antoni (piano, organ, lead vocals), Thom Mooney (drums), Todd Rundgren (guitar, […]

Junco Partners

Junco Partners were an English rock band from Newcastle, formed as an R&B/beat sextet in 1964. After issuing one single on Columbia in 1965, they underwent a series of lineup shifts, eventually morphing into a four-piece hard-rock/psych band. This iteration released a self-titled album on Barclay in 1970 and disbanded the following year. The nameplate […]

Every Which Way

Every Which Way was an English psych-rock/soul band that released a self-titled album on Charisma in 1970. The band was formed by ex-Nice and future Refugee drummer–percussionist Brian Davison, who features before the nameplate in certain media. Vocalist Graham Bell hailed from Skip Bifferty–Heavy Jelly. He reunited with his former Skip-mates the following year in […]

Fat Mattress

Fat Mattress was an English folk-rock/psych band that released two albums on Polydor in 1969 and 1970. Guitarist Noel Redding also played bass in the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Late-period member Steve Hammond composed their non-album b-side “Black Sheep of the Family,” covered by Quatermass and Rainbow. Members: Neil Landon (vocals), Jim Leverton (bass, keyboards), Eric […]

Ethel the Frog

Ethel the Frog was an English heavy metal band that released a 1980 self-titled album on EMI. Members: Doug Sheppard (vocals, guitar), Paul Tognola (guitar), Terry Hopkinson (bass, vocals), Paul Conyers (drums) Background Ethel the Frog formed in 1976 in Kingston upon Hull, where singer–guitarist Doug Sheppard and guitarist Paul Tognola teamed with bassist Terry […]


Bakery was an Australian post-psychedelic rock band from Perth that released two singles and performed on the 1971 Astor release Rock Mass for Love. In 1972, they released the lauded hard-rock album Momento. Members: Peter Walker (guitar), Mal Logan (keyboards, 1970), Hank Davis (drums, 1970-72), John Worrall (vocals, flute, 1970-72), Eddie McDonald (bass, 1970-72), Rex […]

Demon Fuzz

Demon Fuzz was an English funk-psych septet that released the 1970 album Afreaka! on Dawn. They recorded a second album circa 1971–72 that surfaced after their breakup on self-press Paco Records. Members: Smokey Adams (vocals), Winston Joseph (guitar), Sleepy Jack Joseph (bass), Steve John (drums), Ray Rhoden (keyboards), Ayinde Folarin (percussion), Paddy Corea (flute, saxophone), […]

Original Mirrors

The Original Mirrors were an English new wave band that released the 1980–81 Mercury albums Original Mirrors and Heart Twango & Raw Beat. Singer Steve Allen hailed from Liverpool legends Deaf School. Members: Steve Allen (vocals), Ian Broudie (guitar), Jonathan Perkins (keyboards), Pete Kircher (drums), Phil Spalding (bass, 1978-?), Jimmy Hughes (bass, ?-1981) Background The […]

Orange Bicycle

The Orange Bicycle was an English psychedelic pop-rock band that released five 1967–68 singles on Columbia (EMI), including the cult classics “Hyacinth Threads” and “Jenskadajka.” In 1969–70, they made four singles and a self-titled album on Parlophone, followed by a 1971 single on Regal Zonophone. Their recordings have since been gathered on retrospective comps, including […]


Oberon was an English folk-psych band that self-released the album A Midsummer’s Night Dream in 1971. Members: Jeremy Bernie Birchall (bass), Robin Clutterbuck (vocals), Nick Powell (percussion), Jan Scrimgeour (vocals), Charlie Seaward (guitar, vocals), Julian Smedley (vocals, violin), Chris Smith (guitar) Background Oberon formed in 1970 in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, when guitarists Chris Smith and Charlie […]


C.O.B. (Clive’s Original Band) was an English folk-rock band that released the album Spirit of Love on CBS in 1971, followed by Moyshe McStiff and the Tartan Lancers of the Sacred Heart on Polydor in 1972. Frontman Clive Palmer was a founding member of the Incredible String Band. Members: Clive Palmer (guitar, banjo, vocals), John […]

Clear Blue Sky

Clear Blue Sky was an English psychedelic hard-rock band from Acton that released a self-titled album on Vertigo in 1970. Members: John Simms (guitar, vocals), Ken White (drums), Mark Sheater (bass), Maxine Marten (vocals, percussion), Kraznet Montpelier (bass, vocals), Ted Landon (bass) Background Clear Blue Sky started in 1968 as Jug Blues, formed by three […]


Morgan was an English symphonic-rock band that released the album Nova Solis on RCA in 1972. The following year, they recorded a second album that later appeared as Brown Out (Import, 1976) and The Sleeper Wakes (Cherry Red, 1978). Members: Morgan Fisher (keyboards), Tim Staffell (vocals, guitar), Bob Sapsed (bass), Maurice Bacon (drums) Background Morgan […]


Tramline was an English blues-rock band from Middlesbrough that released the 1968–69 albums Somewhere Down the Line and Moves of Vegetable Centuries, both on Island Records. Members: Micky Moody (guitar), John McCoy (vocals, harmonica), Terry Sidgwick (bass, vocals), Terry Popple (drums) Background Tramline formed when guitarist Micky Moody teamed with singer John McCoy after respective […]

Mother Superior

Mother Superior was an English all-female rock band that recorded the album Lady Madonna, released in 1976 on the Swedish SMA label. Members: Lesley Sly (keyboards, lead vocals), Audrey Swinburne (lead guitar, lead vocals), Jackie Badger (bass, vocals), Jackie Crew (drums, vocals), Simon Etchell (keyboards), Janis Sharp (guitar), Kate Buddeke (vocals), Pete Chapman (guitar) Formation […]


Methuselah was a psychedelic English folk-rock band responsible for the 1969 Elektra album Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They featured guitarist–singer Terry Wincott and guitarist–percussionist John Gladwin, bandmates in assorted beat groups (The Dimples, Gospel Garden) and subsequent partners in Amazing Blondel. Members: John Gladwin (guitar, vibraphone), Terry Wincott (guitar, vocals), Les Nicol (guitar, vocals), […]


Troyka was a Canadian blues-psych trio that released a self-titled album on Cotillion in 1970. Members: Robert Edwards (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Michael Richards (lead vocals, drums, percussion), Ron Lukawitski (bass, bongos, banjo) Background Troyka had its roots in The Ortegas, an early-Sixties Edmonton teen band with guitarist Rob Edwards and bassist Ron Lukawitski. As the […]


Marsupilami was an English post-psych six-piece band that released two albums on Transatlantic Records in 1970 and 1971. Members: Mike Fouracre (drums), Fred Hasson (vocals, harmonica), Leary Hasson (keyboards), Richard Lathan Hicks (bass), Dave Laverock (guitar), Jessica Stanley Clarke (flute, vocals), Pete Bardens (percussion), Mandy Riedelbanch (woodwind), Bob West (vocals) Background Marsupilami emerged in Taunton, […]


Heron was an English folk-rock band from Maidenhead, Berkshire, that released two albums on Dawn during 1970 and 1971. Guitarist G.T. Moore subsequently led the Reggae Guitars, recording assorted singles and three albums on Charisma between 1974 and 1976. Heron regrouped briefly in 1983 and for a longer span in the late 1990s. Members: Tony […]


McPhee was an Australian post-psychedelic hard rock band from Sydney that released a self-titled album in 1971 on Violet’s Holiday. Members: Faye Lewis (vocals, percussion), Tony Joyce (guitar), Jim Deverell (keyboards, vocals), Benny Kaika (bass), Terry Popple (drums) Background McPhee formed in Sydney in 1970 when guitarist Tony Joyce and Kiwi keyboardist Jim Deverell teamed […]

The Churls

The Churls were a Canadian psych-rock band from Toronto that released the 1968–69 A&M albums The Churls and Send Me No Flowers. Members: Bob O’Neill (vocals), John Barr (bass), Brad Fowles (drums), Nick McCombie (guitar), Sam Hurrie (guitar), Harry Southworth Ames (guitar) Background The Churls formed in 1967 when singer Bob O’Neill and rhythm guitarist […]


Gypsy was an English folk-rock band that released the 1971–72 albums Gypsy and Brenda & the Rattlesnake on United Artists. They evolved from the Leicester pop-psych combo Legay, which cut the 1968 Fontana single “No-one” (b/w “The Fantastic Story of the Stream-Driven Banana”). Members: John Knapp (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Robin Pizer (guitar, vocals), Rod Read […]

The Ghost

The Ghost was an English folk-psych band from Birmingham that released the album When You’re Dead – One Second on Gemini in 1970. The prior year, guitarist–singer Paul Eastment recorded one album with psych-rockers Velvett Fogg. Members: Paul Eastment (vocals, guitar), Terry Guy (keyboards, vocals), Charlie Grima (drums), Daniel MacGuire (bass, vocals), Shirley Kent (vocals, […]

Les Fleur de Lys

Les Fleur de Lys were an English mod-psych band from Southampton that released a string of singles on Immediate, Polydor, and Atlantic between 1965 and 1969, including one apiece under the alternate names Shyster, Rupert’s People, and The Chocolate Frog. Bassist Gordon Haskell launched a seventies solo career amid brief memberships in King Crimson and […]


Aorta was an American psych-rock band from Chicago that released a self-titled album on Columbia in 1969, followed by a second on Happy Tiger Records in 1970. Between 1964 and 1967, the band recorded several local-press singles as The Exceptions, adopting the name Aorta after bassist Peter Cetera left to join Chicago Transit Authority. Members: […]

Leaf Hound

Leaf Hound was an English hard-rock band from London that released the album Growers of Mushroom on Decca in 1971. They sprouted from the final lineup of blues-rockers Black Cat Bones. Members: Peter French (vocals), Mick Halls (guitar, 1970-71), Derek Brooks (guitar, 1970-71), Stuart Brooks (bass, 1970-71), Keith George Young (drums, 1970-71), Ron Thomas (bass, […]


Kestrel was an English symphonic-rock band that released a self-titled album on Cube Records in 1975. Guitarist Dave Black promptly joined a resurrected Spiders from Mars for an eponymous album in 1976. Members: Dave Black (guitar, vocals), John Cook (guitar, synthesizer), Tom Knowles (vocals), Fenwick Moir (bass), Dave Whitaker (drums, percussion) Inception Kestrel came together […]


Zakarrias was the alias of Austrian Robert Haumer, a singer-songwriter based in London. In 1971, he assembled a makeshift band of English musicians for a self-titled album on Deram. The album features appearances from journeyman keyboardist Peter Robinson (Ablution, Brand X, Quatermass, Sun Treader) and future-Henry Cow saxophonist Geoff Leigh. Members: Robert Haumer [Zakarrias] (vocals), […]


Jonesy was an English symphonic/hard-rock band that released three 1972/73 albums on Dawn: No Alternative, Keeping Up…, and Growing. Material for a fourth album, Sudden Prayers Make God Jump, appeared decades later as an archival disc. Members: John Evan-Jones (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Trevor Jones (violin, vocals, bass, keyboards, 1971, 1972-74), Bernard Hagley (saxophone, flute, 1971), […]

Dr. Z

Dr. Z was an English post-psych organ trio that released a standalone single on Fontana in 1970, followed by the album Three Parts to My Soul on the Vertigo “swirl” label in 1971. Members: Keith Morris [aka Keith Keyes] (keyboards, vocals), Bob Watkins (drums), Rob Watson (bass) Background Dr. Z was formed in 1969 by […]