The Spinners

The Spinners were an American soul group from Ferndale, Mich., formed in 1954. The group released a string of singles on Tri-Phi during the early 1960s, followed by another run of singles on Motown, which issued the Spinners’ debut album in 1967. After a second album on V.I.P. at the turn of the 1970s, the group signed to Atlantic for a successful run of albums between 1973 and 1984.

Members: Henry Fambrough (baritone vocals), Pervis Jackson (bass vocals, 1954-2008), Billy Henderson (tenor vocals, 1954-2004), C. P. Spencer (tenor vocals, 1954-55), James Edwards (lead vocals, tenor vocals, 1954), Bobby Smith (lead vocals, tenor vocals, 1954-2013), George Dixon (tenor vocals, 1955-63), Edgar “Chico” Edwards (tenor vocals, 1963-67), G.C. Cameron (lead vocals, 1967-72, 2000-03), Philippé Wynne (lead vocals, 1972-77), John Edwards (lead vocals, 1977-2000)

The Spinners evolved from a doo wop quintet called The Domingoes, formed in 1954 Ferndale. In 1961, they renamed themselves the Spinners and signed to Tri-Phi Records, which issued five 1961/62 singles by the group, including the hit “That’s What Girls Are Made For” (R&B #5, Pop #27). Tenor Bobby Smith emerged as their lead vocalist, coached at this point by Tri-Phi executive Harvey Fuqua, who edged his way into the group during their time on the label.

In 1963, Smith and co-founders Billy Henderson, Henry Fambrough, and Pervis Jackson were joined by Edgar “Chico” Edwards. Tri-Phi was bought out by Fuqua’s brother-in-law, Motown founder Berry Gordy. Between 1964 and 1968, the band issued five singles and one album on Motown, scoring minor hits with “I’ll Always Love You” and “Truly Yours.” They were treated as a low-priority act by the label, which assigned them as chaperones and chauffeurs to Motown’s big-name performers.

In 1967, Chico cleared way for singer G. C. Cameron. The Spinners switched to Motown-subsidiary V.I.P. and released four 1969/70 singles, including their biggest hit to date, “It’s a Shame” (R&B #4, Pop #14), co-written by Stevie Wonder, Syreeta Wright, and Lee Garrett. That song and its followup, the Wonder-penned “We’ll Have It Made,” feature Cameron on lead vocals. A proposed album with Wonder went unfinished when the group switched labels to Atlantic, leaving the contractually-bound Cameron to continue as a solo artist for Motown.


  • The Original Spinners (1967)
  • 2nd Time Around (1970)
  • Spinners (1973)
  • Mighty Love (1974)
  • New and Improved (1974)
  • Pick of the Litter (1975)
  • Live! (1975)
  • Happiness Is Being With The Spinners (1976)
  • Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (1977)
  • Spinners / 8 (1977)
  • From Here to Eternally (1979)
  • Dancin’ and Lovin’ (1979)
  • Love Trippin’ (1980)
  • Labor of Love (1981)
  • Can’t Shake This Feelin’ (1981)
  • Grand Slam (1982)
  • Cross Fire (1984)
  • Lovin’ Feelings (1985)
  • Down to Business (1989)


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