Bodkin were a Scottish hard-rock/psych band that released a self-titled album on small-press West in 1972. Members: Mick Riddel (lead guitar), Doug Rome (Hammond organ), Dick Sneddon (drums), Bill Anderson (bass), Zeik Hume (vocals) Bodkin took their name from the bodkin point arrowhead, a thick needle often used in leather work. Their singular album appeared […]

Orange Juice

Orange Juice were a Scottish New Wave/sophisti-pop band from Glasgow that released a string of shortplayers on Postcard Records circa 1980/81, followed by three albums and an EP on Polydor between 1982 and 1984. The band was led by guitarist/songwriter Edwyn Collins, who later found fame as a solo artist. Members: Edwyn Collins (guitar, vocals), […]

Barbara Dickson

Barbara Dickson (born Sept. 27, 1947) is a Scottish folk/pop vocalist and actress who first entered showbiz in the late 1960s. Initially partnered with Glaswegian guitarist/vocalist Archie Fisher, the pair released back-to-back albums circa 1969/70. Her debut solo album, Do Right Woman, appeared in 1970 on Decca. In 1974, she contributed to the cast recording […]

Jim Diamond

Jim Diamond (Sept. 28, 1951 — Oct. 8, 2015) was a Scottish vocalist, songwriter, and producer from Bridgetown, Glasgow, who debuted with a standalone single on Bradley’s in 1975. He then embarked on a series of band-oriented projects, starting with a 1976 album heading hard-rockers Bandit. After a brief stint with Alexis Korner, Diamond finished […]

Fire Engines

The Fire Engines were a Scottish art-punk band from Edinburgh that released the album Lubricate Your Living Room on Bob Last’s Pop:Aural Music small-press in 1980. Just prior to the band, vocalist Davy Henderson cut an EP with Leicester combo the Disco Zombies. During the late 1980s, he recorded two albums with electro-posters Win alongside […]

Josef K

Josef K were a Scottish New Wave/pop-rock band from Edinburgh that debuted with a single on self-press Absolute Records in 1979, followed by the album The Only Fun in Town with accompanying singles on Postcard Records in 1981. Two further singles followed on Les Disques Du Crépuscule in 1981/82. The album was preceded by the […]

Café Jacques

Café Jacques was a Scottish art-pop/soul trio from Edinburgh that released two albums on Epic/Columbia between 1977 and 1978. Members: Chris Thomson (guitar, vocals), Mike Ogletree (drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, vocals), Peter Veitch (keyboards, accordion) The band’s two albums were produced by then-Quantum Jump keyboardist/vocalist Rupert Hine with instrumental support from Spirogyra/Caravan multi-instrumentalist Geoffrey Richardson and […]

Altered Images

Altered Images were a Scottish New Wave pop band that was active during the early 1980s. The band debuted in 1981 with the Epic single “Dead Pop Stars,” followed later that year by the album Happy Birthday. Both releases were produced by Siouxsie and the Banshees bassist Steve Severin. A second Altered Images album, Pinky […]

Aztec Camera

Aztec Camera were a Scottish pop/rock combo centered on the talents of guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Roddy Frame. Formed in East Kilbride in 1980, the band released a pair of singles on Glaswegian small-press Postcard in advance of their popular debut album High Land, Hard Rain, which appeared in 1983 on Rough Trade. Mark Knopfler produced the band’s […]