Kansas are an American symphonic/hard-rock band that released nine albums and a live double-LP on CBS-subsidiary Kirshner between 1974 and 1983, followed by a pair of late-’80s albums on MCA.

Members: Rich Williams (guitar), Phil Ehart (drums), Steve Walsh (vocals, keyboards, 1972-81, 1986-2014), Kerry Livgren (guitar, piano, synthesizer, 1972-83, 2000), Robby Steinhardt (violin, 1972-83, 1997-2006), Dave Hope (bass, 1972-83), John Elefante (vocals, keyboards, 1981-83), Steve Morse (guitar, 1986-88), Billy Greer (bass, 1986-present), David Ragsdale (violin, 1991-97, 2006-present), Greg Robert (keyboards, 1989-97), David Manion (keyboards, 2014-present), Ronnie Platt (vocals, keyboards, 2014-present)

The first lineup of Kansas formed in 1970 around the core of guitarist/keyboardist Kerry Livgren, bassist Dave Hope, and drummer Phil Ehart. Livgren hailed from Topeka rockers Saratoga; the rhythm section came from competitors White Clover. Kansas played the local bar circuit for a year before Hope and Ehart returned to their prior band.

In 1971, Livgren assembled a second Kansas lineup with reedist John Bolton, drummer Brad Schulz, vocalist Lynn Meredith, keyboardist Dan Wright, and bassist Rod Mikinski. They gigged and demoed an album’s worth of Livgren originals, including the later Kansas staples “Belexes” and “Incomudro.” By 1973, this lineup ran aground but they would reunite three decades later under the name Proto-Kaw.

Meanwhile Hope and Ehart were gigging with a reformed White Clover, which now included singer Steve Walsh, violinist Robby Steinhardt, and guitarist Rich Williams. In early 1973, Livgren joined the band, which reverted to the name Kansas. After a live showcase in Ellinwood that March, they were signed to the namesake label of music mogul Don Kirshner.


Kansas released their self-titled debut album on March 8, 1974, on Kirshner (US) and Epic (Europe).

Song for America

Kansas released their second album, Song for America, in February 1975 on Kirshner and Epic.


Kansas released their third album, Masque, in September 1975 on Kirshner and Epic.


Kansas released their fourth album, Leftoverture, on October 21, 1976, on Kirshner, Epic, and CBS (Oceania).

Point of Know Return

Kansas released their fifth album, Point of Know Return, on October 11, 1977, on Kirshner and Epic.

Two for the Show

In October 1978, Kansas released the live double-album Two for the Show.


Kansas released their sixth studio album, Monolith, in May 1979 on Kirshner and Epic.


Kansas released their seventh album, Audio-Visions, in September 1980 on Kirshner and Epic.

Vinyl Confessions

Kansas released their eighth album, Vinyl Confessions, in June 1982 on CBS and Epic.

Drastic Measures

Kansas released their ninth album, Drastic Measures, in July 1983 on CBS and Epic.


Kansas released their tenth album, Power, on November 28, 1986, on MCA.

In the Spirit of Things

Kansas released their eleventh album, In the Spirit of Things, on October 25, 1988, on MCA.



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