Sui Generis

Sui Generis were an Argentine folk-rock combo that recorded three studio albums and a two-volume live set between 1972 and 1975. The band were initially a duo comprised of keyboardist/vocalist Charly García and guitarist/vocalist Nito Mestre. The pair were augmented in the studio by assorted come-and-go players. Members: Charly García (keyboards, vocals), Nito Mestre (vocals, […]


Almendra was an Argentine blues-rock/psych band from Buenos Aires that released a self-titled album on RCA Vik in 1969, followed by an eponymous double album in 1970. Guitarist, singer, and songwriter Luis Alberto Spinetta recorded a subsequent solo album, also titled Almendra, then fronted the popular Argentine bands Pescado Rabioso, Invisible, and Spinetta Jade. In […]

Soda Stereo

Soda Stereo were an Argentine New Wave/art-pop trio of multi-instrumentalists, formed in 1982. Between the mid-’80s and early ’90s, the trio was popular in the Spanish-speaking market. Over the span of 13 years, the band released seven studio albums and three live sets. Members: Gustavo Cerati (vocals, guitar, sampler, synthesizer, effects, percussion, fretless bass, keyboards, […]


Tantor were an Argentine jazz-rock combo that released two albums on the Philips and Raviol labels between 1979 and 1982. The band’s two mainstays — guitarist Héctor Starc and drummer Rodolfo García — both hailed from Aquelarre. Original bassist Carlos Alberto Machi Rufino had been with Invisible. Members: Héctor Starc (guitar), Rodolfo García (drums), Carlos Alberto Machi […]


V8 were an Argentine metal band that released three albums on Umbral between 1983 and 1986.  Members: Ricardo Iorio (bass, vocals), Ricardo “Chofa” Moreno (guitar, 1980-82), Gerardo Osemberg (drums, 1980-81), Alejandro “Pesadilla” Colantonio (drums, 1981-82), Alberto “Beto” Zamarbide (vocals, 1982-87), Osvaldo Civile (guitar, 1982-85), Gustavo Rowek (drums, 1982-87), Miguel Roldán (guitar, 1985-87), Walter Giardino (guitar, […]


Sumo were an Argentine New Wave/art-punk band that was active during the 1980s. Between 1985 and 1989, they released four albums on CBS. The band’s first drummer, Stephanie Nuttal, hailed from Manchester, England, and had played in the avant-punk combo Manicured Noise. Members: Luca Prodan (vocals, guitar), Germán Daffunchio (guitar), Alejandro Sokol (bass, drums, 1981-84), […]


Polifemo were an Argentine hard-rock/jazz-rock band that released two albums on EMI during 1976 and 1977. The band was comprised of noted journeymen on the Buenos Aires scene, including guitarist/vocalist David Lebón (Color Humano, Pescado Rabioso, Pappo’s Blues), bassist Rinaldo Rafanelli (Color Humano, Sui Generis), and keyboardist Ciro Fogliatta (Los Gatos, Sacramento, Espíritu). Members: David […]

Spinetta Jade

Spinetta Jade were an Argentine super-band that released four albums between 1980 and 1984. Anchored by namesake vocalist/guitarist Luis Alberto Spinetta, the band featured a revolving door of established and up-and-coming talent on the Buenos Aires scene. This was the frontman’s fourth major band in a decade, having earlier headed Almendra, Pescado Rabioso, and Invisible. […]


Soluna were an Argentine folk ensemble that released one album, Energía Natura, on  Microfón in 1977. Frontman Gustavo Santaolalla would show up five years later in LA New Wave act Wet Picnic and later gain renown as a soundtrack composer. Keyboardist Alejandro Lerner has since recorded more than 15 studio albums. Members: Gustavo Santaolalla (vocals, guitar, […]

Serú Girán

Serú Girán were an Argentine art-pop quartet that released four albums between 1978 and 1981. This was the fourth band in under a decade fronted by Charly García, who had also headed Sui Generis, PorSuiGieco, and La Máquina de Hacer Pájaros. Members: Charly García (keyboards, guitar, vocals), David Lebón (guitar, vocals), Pedro Aznar (bass, keyboards, […]

Rodolfo Alchourrón

Rodolfo Alchourrón (April 25, 1934 — May 16, 1999) was an Argentinian jazz guitarist, composer, arranger, and bandleader with a recording career that spanned nearly four decades. One of his earliest recorded appearances was on the track “Demasiado Tarde” on the 1960 Menorama EP by Agrupacion Nuevo Jazz. In 1966, he played in Trío Eduardo […]


Relax were an Argentine hard-rock band that released one album, Padre …, on small-press Vedette in 1977. Members: Daniel Grasso (vocals, guitar, flute), Héctor Grasso (bass, vocals), Juan Rodríguez (drums, percussion), Rubén Campas (vocals, guitar) Discography: Padre … (1977)


Redd were an Argentine symphonic-rock band that recorded two studio albums during the late 1970s. The band’s first album — Tristes Noticias del Imperio (1978) — was released in its own time with the catalog number EGS – 100. The followup appeared as an archival release 18 years later on the PRW label. Live recordings of […]


Rayuela were an Argentine jazz-rock/folk band that released a self-titled album on Orfeo in 1977. Members: Andres Goldstein, Eduardo Berinstein, Guillermo Nojechowicz, Marcelo Morano, Willy Campins Discography: Rayuela (1977)

The Prime Element

The Prime Element were a Manhattan-based Latin-jazz/rock big band headed by Argentinian keyboardist/arranger Carlos Franzetti. The project yielded one album, Alborada, issued on Trova in 1976.  Members: Carlos Franzetti (Rhodes, guitar, Hammond, Moog, percussion, arranger), Omar Clay (percussion, marimba, arranger), Alex Layne (bass), Greg Maker (bass), Akua Dixon (cello, vocals), Ray Mantilla (congas), Mauricio Smith (flute, […]

Gato Barbieri

Gato Barbieri (Nov. 28, 1934 — April 2, 2016) was an Argentinian tenor saxophonist with a musical career that spanned more than 60 years. He began as a side-player for Lalo Schifrin during the late 1950s. The following decade, he notched credits alongside Don Cherry, Gary Burton, and Alan Shorter. In 1967, Barbieri released his first […]

Pescado Rabioso

Pescado Rabioso was an Argentine blues-folk-psych band headed by former Almendra guitarist, singer, and songwriter Luis Alberto Spinetta. In 1972, they released Desatormentándonos on Microfon, followed by two albums in 1973: Pescado 2 (a double album) and Artaud. Members: Luis Alberto Spinetta (guitar, vocals), Black Amaya (drums), Osvaldo “Bocón” Frascino (bass, guitar, vocals, 1971), Carlos […]


Pastoral were an Argentine folk duo comprised of guitarists/vocalists Alejandro De Michele and Miguel Angel Erausqui, who joined forces in 1971 in Buenos Aires. The pair released six albums between 1973 and 1982, each featuring a handful of supportive players. Their Charly García-assisted third album — Humanos (1976) — attracted international interest. Members: Alejandro De Michele […]

Pappo’s Blues

Pappo’s Blues were an Argentine blues-rock/hard-rock band that released seven numerically-titled studio albums between 1971 and 1978. Anchored by its namesake guitarist frontman, the band featured a revolving door of top local talent, including guitarist/bassist David Lebón and bassist Alejandro Medina. Members: Pappo (guitar, vocals), Black Amaya (drums), David Lebón (bass, guitar), Héctor “Pomo” Lorenzo […]

Orion’s Beethoven

Orion’s Beethoven were an Argentine hard-rock/psych band that was active from 1969 until 1981. Two Polydor-issued albums emerged from this lengthy run: Superangel (1973) and Tercer Milenio (1977). The Bar brothers continued under the abbreviated nameplate Orions, which issued back-to-back albums during the early 1980s. Members: Adrian Bar (guitar), Román Bar (bass, keyboards, vocals), José […]