The Velvet Underground

The Velvet Underground was an American rock band from NYC, founded in 1965 by guitarist–singer Lou Reed and Welsh-born organist–violist John Cale. They debuted with the 1967 Verve release The Velvet Underground & Nico, recorded with German chanteuse Nico. Cale departed after their 1968 second album White Light / White Heat.

Musician–songwriter Doug Yule joined for the 1969 MGM release The Velvet Underground and its 1970 Cotillion followup Loaded. After Reed departed for a solo career, Yule fronted a revised lineup on the 1973 Polydor release Squeeze. Further material from the 1968–69 period surfaced on the mid-Eighties archival collections VU and Another View.

Members: Lou Reed (vocals, guitar, piano, 1965-70), John Cale (viola, bass, organ, vocals, 1965-68), Sterling Morrison (guitar, bass, vocals, 1965-71), Angus MacLise (drums, percussion, 1965), Maureen Tucker (percussion, drums, vocals, 1965-72), Doug Yule (bass, organ, vocals, guitar, piano, 1968-73), Walter Powers (bass, vocals, 1970-72), Willie Alexander (keyboards, vocals, 1971-72)


  • The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967 • The Velvet Underground & Nico)
  • White Light / White Heat (1968)
  • The Velvet Underground (1969)
  • Loaded (1970)
  • Squeeze (1973)
  • VU [archival] (1985)

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