Gino Vannelli

Gino Vannelli is an Italian-Canadian vocalist and songwriter who released six albums on A&M between 1973 and 1978, followed by three albums on Arista and Polydor during the 1980s.

Gino Vannelli was born to an Italian family on June 16, 1952, in Montreal, Quebec. His older brother, Joe (b. 1950), is also a musician and producer who has worked with Gino on many recordings. Their younger brother, Ross (b. 1956), is a film composer. Their father, Russ Vannelli, was a singer in the local backing bands of jazz trumpeters Maynard Ferguson and Bix Belair.

Gino originally took up drums in emulation of his idols Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich. As a teenager, he drummed in the local garage-rock band The Cobras. In 1969, the 17-year-old Vannelli signed a contract with RCA under the pseudonym Vann Elli.[1]

In 1972, Gino and Joe made a pilgrimage to Los Angeles in search of recording opportunities. Near penniless, they lied in wait at the A&M Records parking lot. The moment label co-founder Herb Alpert arrived, Gino jumped out and sang to the mogul just as security closed in. Impressed by what he heard, Alpert invited Gino into the studio and signed him to the label.

Crazy Life

Gino Vannelli released his debut album, Crazy Life, in October 1973 on A&M.

Powerful People

Gino Vannelli released his second album, Powerful People, in September 1974 on A&M.

Storm at Sunup

Gino Vannelli released his third album, Storm at Sunup , in July 1975 on A&M.

The Gist of the Gemini

Gino Vannelli released his fourth album, The Gist of the Gemini, on September 21, 1976, on A&M.

A Pauper in Paradise

Gino Vannelli released his fifth album, A Pauper in Paradise, in October 1977 on A&M.

Brother to Brother

Gino Vannelli released his sixth album, Brother to Brother, in September 1978 on A&M.


Gino Vannelli released his seventh album, Nightwalker, in March 1981 on Arista.

Black Cars

Gino Vannelli released his eighth album, Black Cars, on November 30, 1984, on HME (US) and Polydor (Canada, Germany).

Big Dreamers Never Sleep

Gino Vannelli released his ninth album, Big Dreamers Never Sleep, in February 1987 on CBS.


  • Crazy Life (1973)
  • Powerful People (1974)
  • Storm at Sunup (1975)
  • The Gist of the Gemini (1976)
  • A Pauper in Paradise (1977)
  • Brother to Brother (1978)
  • Nightwalker (1981)
  • Black Cars (1985)
  • Big Dreamers Never Sleep (1987)
  • Inconsolable Man (1990)
  • Live in Montreal (1991)



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