Paga Group ‎– Paga (1985)

Paga is the first of three albums by French Zeuhl ensemble Paga Group, released in 1985 on JMS jazz-rock subsidiary Cream. The album has alternately been credited to project-mastermind Bernard Paganotti. Tracklist: A1. Talk Back (7:37) A2. Mitchinoku (8:01) B1. Show Town (4:15) B2. Une parcelle d’Urantia (12:47) B3. Final d’Urantia (1:40) Credits: Bernard Paganotti […]

Patrick Gauthier ‎– Bébé Godzilla (1981)

Bébé Godzilla is an album by ubiquitous French Zeuhl keyboardist Patrick Gauthier, released in 1981 on CY Records. Tracklist: A1. “Bébé Godzilla” (5:20) A2. “Le Grand-maître Orient” (2:18) A3. “Mixtur-Trautonium” (2:51) A4. “Benoit et les Riverboppers” (4:10) B1. “Heldon” (4:20) B2. “Riding on White Horses” (1:30) B3. “En passant par la Transylvanie” (4:58) B4. “Nör” […]

Weidorje ‎– Weidorje (1978)

Weidorje is the first and only album by the namesake French Zeuhl band, released in 1978 on Cobra. Tracklist: A. “Elohims Voyage” (16:23) B1. “Vilna” (12:15) B2. “Booldemug” (7:05) Credits: Michel Ettori — guitar Jean-Philippe Goude — keyboards Patrick Gauthier — keyboards, composer Kirt Rust — drums Alain Guillard — saxophone Yvon Guillard — trumpet, […]


Magma are a French chamber-rock/zeuhl band from Paris, formed in 1969 by drummer and keyboardist Christian Vander. During the 1970s, the band released six proper studio albums and a live disc on the Philips, Vertigo, Utopia, and Eurodisc labels. Members: Christian Vander (drums, vocals, piano, electric piano), Laurent Thibault (electric bass, 1969), Francis Moze (electric […]