Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden are an English heavy metal band that has been active since the late 1970s. In the early 1980s, the band were at the center of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) movement, which popularized the music among younger hoards of concert goers and record buyers. During its 1980–88 heyday, the band released seven studio albums — two with original vocalist Paul Di’Anno and the rest with canonical Maiden-frontman Bruce Dickinson.

Members: Steve Harris (bass, keyboards, vocals), Ron Matthews (drums, 1975-77), Paul Mario Day (vocals, 1975-76), Terry Rance (guitar, 1975-76), Dave Sullivan (guitar, 1975-76), Dave Murray (guitar, 1976-77, 1977-present), Dennis Wilcock (vocals, 1976-77), Bob Angelo [Robert Sawyer] (guitar, 1976), Paul Di’Anno (vocals, 1977-81), Doug Sampson (drums, 1977-80), Tony Moore (keyboards, 1977), Thunderstick [Barry Graham Purkis] (drums, 1977), Terry Wapram (guitar, 1977), Paul Cairns (guitar, 1979), Paul Todd (guitar, 1979), Tony Parsons (guitar, 1979), Dennis Stratton (guitar, 1980), Adrian Smith (guitar, vocals, 1980-90, 1999-present), Clive Burr (drums, 1980-82), Bruce Dickinson (vocals, 1981-93, 1999-present), Nicko McBrain (drums, 1982-present), Janick Gers (guitar, 1990-present), Blaze Bayley (vocals, 1994-99)


Iron Maiden was first assembled in December 1975 in Leyton, East London, by bassist Steve Harris. The name was taken from a 19th century torture device inspired by the medieval Schandmantel. This first incarnation of the band imploded in mid-1976; vocalist Paul Day later surfaced in the NWOBHM act More.

During 1977, Harris hired and fired multiple musicians, including guitarist Dave Murray and (later Cutting Crew) keyboardist Tony Moor. That November, Doug Sampson became their first steady drummer. After deeming Moor’s contributions ill-suited to the band’s sound, Harris rehearsed with Murray and Sampson as they searched for a singer.

In November 1978, Chingford resident Paul Di’Anno was hired as lead vocalist. As the new year approached, the four-man Iron Maiden demoed four Harris originals: “Iron Maiden,” “Invasion,” “Prowler,” and “Strange World.” The first three tracks were issued in late 1979 as The Soundhouse Tapes on self-press Rock Hard.

The band linked with music manager Rod Smallwood and signed to EMI in December 1979. Sampson quit due to health issues; his place was taken by ex-Samson drummer Clive Burr. They expanded to a five-piece with the addition of ex-Remus Down Boulevard guitarist Dennis Stratton. In February 1980, the Maiden tracks “Sanctuary” and “Wrathchild” appeared (along with early tracks by Angel Witch, Praying Mantis, and Ethel the Frog) on the multi-artists compilation Metal for Muthas.

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden released their self-titled debut album on April 14, 1980, on EMI.

“Running Free”
Released: 8 February 1980

Released: 23 May 1980

“Women in Uniform”

On October 27, 1980, Iron Maiden released the standalone single “Women in Uniform,” a Skyhooks cover backed with the Soundhouse track “Invasion.”


Iron Maiden released their second album, Killers, on February 2, 1981, on EMI.

“Twilight Zone” / “Wrathchild”
Released: 2 March 1981

Released: 15 June 1981

The Number of the Beast

Iron Maiden released their third album, The Number of the Beast, on March 22, 1982, on EMI.

“Run to the Hills”
Released: 12 February 1982

“The Number of the Beast”
Released: 26 April 1982

Piece of Mind

Iron Maiden released their fourth album, Piece of Mind, on May 16, 1983, on EMI.

“Flight of Icarus”
Released: 11 April 1983

“The Trooper”
Released: 20 June 1983


Iron Maiden released their fifth album, Powerslave, on September 3, 1984, on EMI.

“2 Minutes to Midnight”
Released: 6 August 1984

“Aces High”
Released: 22 October 1984

Live After Death

On October 14, 1985, Iron Maiden released the live double-album Live After Death.

“Run to the Hills” (live)

Somewhere in Time

Iron Maiden released their sixth album, Somewhere in Time, on September 29, 1986, on EMI.

“Wasted Years”
Released: 6 September 1986
“Stranger in a Strange Land”
Released: 22 November 1986

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Iron Maiden released their seventh album, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, on April 11, 1988, on EMI.

“Can I Play with Madness”
Released: 20 March 1988

“The Evil That Men Do”
Released: 1 August 1988

“The Clairvoyant”
Released: 7 November 1988



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