Colosseum was an English brass-rock band that released the 1969 albums Those Who Are About to Die Salute You (Fontana) and Valentyne Suite (Vertigo). They were led by drummer Jon Hiseman and reedist Dick Heckstall-Smith, fellow travelers in the Graham Bond Organization and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers. As an instigator of pop’s shift into maximalism, they […]

Colosseum II – Electric Savage (1977)

Electric Savage is the second album by English jazz-rock/hard-rock quartet Colosseum II, released in 1977 on MCA. Tracklist: A1. Put It This Way (4:54) A2. All Skin & Bone (3:49) A3. Rivers (5:48) A4. The Scorch (6:02) B1. Lament (4:38) B2. Desperado (5:58) B3. Am I (4:15) B4. Intergalactic Strut (6:00) Credits: Bass – John […]

Colosseum ‎– Valentyne Suite (1969)

Valentyne Suite is the second album by English jazz-rock quintet Colosseum, released in November 1969 on Vertigo. Tracklist: A1. “The Kettle” (4:28) A2. “Elegy” (3:13) A3. “Butty’s Blues” (6:45) A4. “The Machine Demands a Sacrifice” (3:54) B. “The Valentyne Suite” (16:53) —i. “January’s Search” (6:20) —ii. “February’s Valentyne” (3:36) —iii. “The Grass is Always Greener…” […]

Colosseum II ‎– Strange New Flesh (1976)

Strange New Flesh is the debut album by English jazz-rock/hard-rock combo Colosseum II, released in 1976 on Bronze Records. Tracklist: A1. “Dark Side of the Moog” (6:17) A2. “Down to You” (9:05) A3. “Gemini and Leo” (4:46) B1. “Secret Places” (3:59) B2. “On Second Thoughts” (7:30) B3. “Winds” (10:23) Credits: Mike Starrs – vocals Gary […]

Colosseum II ‎– Wardance (1977)

Wardance is the third album by English jazz-rock quartet Colosseum II, released in November 1977 on MCA. Tracklist: A1. Wardance (6:09) A2. Major Keys (5:18) A3. Put It That Way (3:42) A4. Castles (5:50) B1. Fighting Talk (5:54) B2. The Inquisition (5:50) B3. Star Maiden / Mysterioso / Quasar (6:24) B4. Last Exit (3:30) Credits: […]

Chris Farlowe

Chris Farlowe is an English rock singer who surfaced in the R&B–beat boom with five 1962–65 singles on Decca and Columbia–EMI, which issued his 1966 debut album with backing band The Thunderbirds. He cut eleven singles through 1968 on Immediate Records and scored a UK No. 1 with the Rolling Stones song “Out of Time.” […]