Eardance were an American art-rock band from Chicago that released the album Seek Opposites on self-press Touch Records in 1982. The album is one of the earliest to feature extensive use of the Chapman Stick, played by multi-instrumentalist/bandleader Jim Jacobsen, who later became a soundtrack composer. Members: Jim Jacobsen (bass, guitar, Chapman Stick, clarinet, synthesizer, […]


Scandal were an American New Wave/modern-rock band from N.Y.C. Members: Patty Smyth (vocals), Zack Smith (guitar, vocals), Ivan Elias (bass), Keith Mack (guitar, vocals), Benjy King (keyboards, vocals), Frankie LaRocka (drums), Thommy Price (drums, vocals) Discography: Scandal (EP, 1982) Warrior (1984 • Scandal Featuring Patty Smyth)


Berlin were an American New Wave/synthpop band from Los Angeles. Members: John Crawford (bass, vocals, 1979-86), Rod Learned (drums, 1979-82), Chris Ruiz-Valesco (guitar, 1979-82), Daniel Van Patten (drums, 1979-82), Jo Julian (keyboards, 1979-80), Ty Cobb (lead vocals, 1979), Terri Nunn (lead vocals, 1979, 1981-87, 1998-present), Toni Childs (lead vocals, 1979), Virginia Macolino (lead vocals, 1980), […]

Our Daughters Wedding

Our Daughters Wedding were an American New Wave/synthpop band from San Francisco. Members: Keith Silva (vocals, synthesizer, keyboards, guitar), Layne Rico (synthesizer, vocals, drums, drum machine), Scott Simon (synthesizer, saxophone, vocals, guitar, bass synth), Jim Nevius Discography: “Nightlife” / “Raincoats & Silverware” (1980) Digital Cowboy (EP, 1981) Moving Windows (1982)

Wall of Voodoo

Wall of Voodoo were an American New Wave band from Los Angeles that released a self-titled EP on Index in 1980, followed by four albums on I.R.S. between 1981 and 1987. Members: Marc Moreland (guitar), Chas T. Gray (keyboards, bass), Stan Ridgway (vocals, harmonica, keyboards, guitar, 1977-83), Joe Nanini (drums, percussion, 1977-83), Bruce Moreland (bass, […]

Face to Face

Face to Face were an American New Wave/modern-rock band from Boston that released two albums on Epic in 1984 and 1985, followed by a third on Mercury in 1988. Members: Laurie Sargent (vocals), Stuart Kimball (guitar, keyboards), Angelo Petraglia (guitar, keyboards), John Ryder (bass), Billy Beard (drums) Discography: Face to Face (1984) Confrontation (1985) One […]

The Units

The Units were an American New Wave/synthpunk band from San Francisco. Members: Scott Ryser (synthesizer, vocals), Richard Driskill (drums, backing vocals, 1978-80), Tim Ennis (synthesizer, backing vocals, 1978-79), Rachel Webber (synthesizer, vocals, 1979-84), Alex Rudis (synthesizer 1979-80), Brad Saunders (drums 1980-81), Seth Miller (drums, 1981-83), David Allen, Jr. (synthesizer, vocals, 1983-84), Jabari Allen (synthesizer, vocals, […]