Kevin Dunn

Kevin Dunn is an American New Wave/art-pop musician from Jacksonville, Fla., who first recorded with Athens garage-psych band The Fans, which issued three singles on Blue Beam and Albion between 1977 and 1980. As a solo artist, he issued a standalone single on DB Rec in 1979. He then assembled a backing band, the Regiment […]


Industry were an American New Wave/synthpop band from NYC, formed in 1978 as Industrial Complex by ex-Cathedral drummer Mercury Caronia. The initial combo released an eponymous EP on self-press Metro Records in 1980. After a lineup overhaul that roped-in fellow Cathedral alumnus Rudy Perrone, the band issued a second EP, Turning to Light, on self-press […]


Eardance were an American art-rock band from Chicago that released the album Seek Opposites on self-press Touch Records in 1982. The album is one of the earliest to feature extensive use of the Chapman Stick, played by multi-instrumentalist/bandleader Jim Jacobsen, who later became a soundtrack composer. Members: Jim Jacobsen (bass, guitar, Chapman Stick, clarinet, synthesizer, […]

The Method Actors

The Method Actors were an American New Wave band from Athens, Ga., that released two albums and assorted shortplayers on Press Records (US) and Armageddon (UK) between 1980 and 1983. Members: Vic Varney (vocals, guitar, bass), David Gamble (drums, vocals, 1979-82), Michael Richmond (guitar, bass, 1982-83), Robert Schmid (drums, 1982-83), Stan Satin (saxophone, percussion, vocals, […]


Pylon were an American New Wave band from Athens, Ga., that debuted with a standalone single on DB Recs in 1979, followed by two albums with accompanying singles between 1980 and 1983. Along with local contemporaries The B-52’s and The Method Actors, Pylon’s scratchy/jerky/angular style served as a comedic counterpart to the similar yet more […]

Bush Tetras

Bush Tetras were an American No Wave/punk-funk band from NYC that released three shortplayers on the specialty labels 99 and Fetish in 1980/83. A live cassette, Wild Things, appeared on ROIR upon the band’s initial breakup in 1983. Guitarist Pat Place hailed from James Chance‘s Blacks/Contortions conglomerate and the ZE Records super-project Aural Exciters. Members: […]


Xex were an American coldwave band from South River, NJ, that released the album Group: Xex on self-press What’s That Music in 1980. Half the band regrouped in 2013 to cut retro material, issued with 1981 live recordings on the Dark Entries disc Change. Members: David Anderson, Alex Zander, Thumbalina Gugielmo, Waw Pierogi, Jon-Boy Diode […]