Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren (born June 22, 1948) is an American vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, bandleader, and producer, originally from Philadelphia. He first emerged in psych-rockers the Nazz, which released two proper albums in 1968–69. He initially recorded solo under the band moniker Runt, issuing the 1970/71 Bearsville albums Runt and The Ballad of Todd Rundgren. Under his […]


The Nazz was an American psych-rock band from Philadelphia that released the 1968–69 albums Nazz and Nazz Nazz on SGC. Frontman Todd Rundgren launched a prolific solo career and later fronted Utopia. Drummer Thom Mooney resurfaced in the hard-rock super-trio Paris. Members: Robert “Stewkey” Antoni (piano, organ, lead vocals), Thom Mooney (drums), Todd Rundgren (guitar, […]

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper is an American singer and performer, best known for the shock-rock antics and horror trappings of his 1970s live shows. He emerged as the frontman of namesake hard-rockers Alice Cooper, which charted with a string of 1971–73 Warner Bros. albums, including the hits “School’s Out,” “I’m Eighteen,” and “No More Mr. Nice Guy.” […]

Nazz – Nazz (1968)

Nazz is the debut album by the namesake American psych-rock/pop band, released in 1968 on SGC/Atco. Tracklist: A1. “Open My Eyes” (2:38) A2. “Back of Your Mind” (3:45) A3. “See What You Can Be” (2:55) A4. “Hello It’s Me” (4:00) A5. “Wildwood Blues” (4:37) B1. “If That’s the Way You Feel” (4:49) B2. “When I Get […]

Nazz ‎– Nazz Nazz (1969)

Nazz Nazz is the second album by American psych-rock/orchestral-pop band Nazz, released in 1969 on SGC/Atco. Tracklist: A1. “Forget All About It” (3:15) A2. “Not Wrong Long” (2:30) A3. “Rain Rider” (3:52) A4. “Gonna Cry Today” (3:15) A5. “Meridian Leeward” (3:20) A6. “Under the Ice” (5:40) B1. “Hang On Paul” (2:42) B2. “Kiddie Boy” (3:30) […]


Fuse were an American psych-rock band from Rockford, Ill., that released a self-titled album on Epic in 1969. Members: Rick Nielsen (guitar, keyboards), Craig Myers (guitar), Tom Petersson (bass), Joe Sundberg (vocals, 1967-70), Chip Greenman (drums, 1967-70), Robert “Stewkey” Antoni (vocals, 1970-73), Thom Mooney (drums, 1970-71), Bun E. Carlos (drums, 1971-73) Discography: Fuse (1969)