Argent was an English art-rock band that released six studio albums and a live double-LP on Epic between 1970 and 1975, followed by a seventh on RCA. They were the namesake of ex-Zombies keyboardist Rod Argent. On their first five albums, Argent was a four-piece with singer/guitarist Russ Ballard, who found success outside the band […]

Argent ‎– Argent (1970)

Argent is the debut album by the namesake English art-rock/pop foursome, released in 1970 on Epic. Recorded a year after the band evolved from the ashes of The Zombies, the album bears some of that band’s hallmarks, as heard in the breathy, haunted vocals and smooth, frontal keyboards of “Schoolgirl” and “Dance in the Smoke.” […]

Intergalactic Touring Band

The Intergalactic Touring Band was a fictitious group of British and American singers and musicians that recorded a sci-fi concept album, produced by Marty Scott and Stephan Galfas and released on Passport Records (US) and Charisma (UK) in 1977. The songs were written and arranged by Danny Beckerman and Wil Malone. Intergalactic Touring Band features […]

Argent – Circus (1975)

Circus is the sixth studio album by English symphonic/jazz-rock band Argent, released in 1975 on Epic. Tracklist: A1. “Circus” (3:45) A2. “Highwire” (9:05) A3. “Clown” (5:50) B1. “Trapeze” (8:48) B2. “Shine on Sunshine” (4:02) B3. “The Ring” (1:20) B4. “The Jester” (3:35) Credits: Rod Argent – Fender Rhodes, Mellotron, Moog Synthesizer, Hammond organ, Piano, Vocals John […]

The Zombies – Odessey and Oracle (1968)

Odessey and Oracle is the second proper album by English baroque/psych band The Zombies, released in 1968 on CBS. Tracklist: A1. “Care of Cell 44” (3:59) A2. “A Rose for Emily” (2:21) A3. “Maybe After He’s Gone” (2:38) A4. “Beechwood Park” (2:46) A5. “Brief Candles” (3:35) A6. “Hung Up on a Dream” (3:05) B1. “Changes” […]

The Who – Who Are You (1978)

Who Are You is the eighth proper studio album by English rockers The Who, released in 1978 on Polydor/MCA. Tracklist: A1. “New Song” (4:15) A2. “Had Enough” (4:30) A3. “905” (3:55) A4. “Sister Disco” (4:22) A5. “Music Must Change” (4:37) B1. “Trick of the Light” (4:11) B2. “Guitar and Pen” (5:48) B3. “Love Is Coming […]

Michael Fennelly ‎– Lane Changer (1973)

Lane Changer is the first of two solo albums by American guitarist/songwriter Michael Fennelly, released in 1973 on Epic. The artist is backed on this album by all of Argent in addition to his ex-Crabby Appleton cohort Casey Foutz. Tracklist: A1. “Lane Changer” (2:34) A2. “Touch My Soul” (4:03) A3. “Won’t You Please Do That” […]

Easy Street ‎– Easy Street (1976)

Easy Street is the first of two albums by the English pop-rock trio of the same name, released in 1976 on Capricorn. The band was named after an album that singing/songwriting partners Ken Nicol and Peter Marsh recorded two years earlier as a duo. Tracklist: A1. “Feels Like Heaven” (4:28) A2. “Lazy Dog Shandy” (4:43) […]

Argent ‎– Nexus (1974)

Nexus is the fifth studio album by English symphonic/art-rock band Argent, released in 1974 on Epic. Tracklist: A1. “The Coming of Kohoutek” (3:10) A2. “Once Around the Sun” (2:20) A3. “Infinite Wanderer” (3:02) A4. “Love” (3:51) A5. “Music From the Spheres” (8:10) B1. “Thunder and Lightning” (5:05) B2. “Keeper of the Flame” (6:02) B3. “Man for […]

Gary Boyle ‎– The Dancer (1977)

The Dancer is the debut solo album by veteran jazz-rock guitarist Gary Boyle, released in 1977 on Gull Records. Tracklist: A1. “Crowshed Shuffle” (5:08) A2. “The Dancer” (7:30) A3. “Now That We’re Alone” (1:30) A4. “Lullaby for a Sleepy Dormouse” (5:25) B1. “Almond Burfi” (5:02) B2. “Pendle Mist” (5:40) B3. “Apple Crumble” (3:18) B4. “Maiden […]

Intergalactic Touring Band ‎– Intergalactic Touring Band (1977)

Intergalactic Touring Band is a 1977 sci-fi concept album produced by Marty Scott and Stephan Galfas for Passport Records. The songs are alternately credited to Danny Beckerman and Wil Malone and performed by variable casts of English and American musicians and vocalists, including Rod Argent (Argent), Dave Cousins (Strawbs), Annie Haslam (Renaissance), Arthur Brown, Meat […]

Argent ‎– Ring of Hands (1971)

Ring of Hands is the second album by English art-rock foursome Argent, released in 1971 on Epic. Tracklist: A1. “Celebration” (2:52)* A2. “Sweet Mary” (4:05) A3. “Cast Your Spell Uranus” (4:29) A4. “Lothlorien” (7:50) B1. “Chained” (5:18) B2. “Rejoice” (3:44) B3. “Pleasure” (4:51) B4. “Sleep Won’t Help Me” (5:09) B5. “Where Are We Going Wrong” […]

The Zombies

The Zombies were an English art-pop/psych band that was active from 1962 to 1968. Distinguished by the breathy vocals of Colin Blunstone and the moody keyboards of Rod Argent, they were among the first bands to infuse rock with melodrama and jazz chordal phrasings. As central players in the first British Invasion, they stormed American […]

Chris Rea – Whatever Happened to Benny Santini? (1978)

Whatever Happened to Benny Santini? is the debut album by English singer/songwriter Chris Rea, released in 1978 on Magnet/UA. Tracklist: A1. “Whatever Happened to Benny Santini?” (4:21) A2. “The Closer You Get” (3:33) A3. “Because of You” (3:56) A4. “Dancing With Charlie” (3:51) A5. “Bows and Bangles” (3:59) B1. “Fool (If You Think It’s Over)” […]