Martha and the Vandellas

Martha and the Vandellas were an American soul-pop trio from Detroit, signed to the Gordy division of Motown. Between 1963 and 1972, they released eight proper albums and numerous singles, scoring hits with “Heat Wave,” “Jimmy Mack,” “Nowhere to Run,” and the much-covered AM evergreen “Dancing In the Street.”

Members: Martha Reeves (lead vocals), Rosalind Ashford (backing vocals, 1962-68), Annette Beard (backing vocals, 1962-64), Betty Kelly (backing vocals, 1964-68), Lois Reeves (backing vocals, 1968-72), Sandra Tilley (backing vocals, 1970-72)


  • Come and Get These Memories (1963)
  • Heat Wave (1963)
  • Dance Party (1965)
  • Watchout! (1966)
  • Ridin’ High (1968)
  • Sugar n’ Spice (1969)
  • Natural Resources (1970)
  • Black Magic (1972)


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