Secret Oyster

Secret Oyster was a Danish jazz-rock band that released four albums on CBS between 1973 and 1976.

Members: Claus Bøhling (guitar), Karsten Vogel (saxophone, keyboards), Mads Vinding (bass), Bo Thrige Andersen (drums), Jess Stæhr (bass), Ole Streenberg (drums), Kenneth Knudsen (keyboards, ?-1976)

Secret Oyster coalesced in 1972 when two members of Burnin Red Ivanhoe, saxophonist Karsten Vogel and drummer Bo Thrige Andersen, teamed with ex-Hurdy Gurdy guitarist Claus Bøhling and erstwhile Coronarias Dans keyboardist Kenneth Knudsen. Bassist Mads Vinding, who played on Ivanhoe’s debut M 144, rounded out the new band for their first album, recorded in June 1973 at Quali-Sound Studio, Nibe, Denmark.



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