Little Feat

Little Feat are an American rustic funk-rock band from Los Angeles that released seven studio albums and a live double-LP on Warner Bros. between 1971 and 1979. Guitarist–bandleader Lowell George hailed from the Mothers of Invention. After his death in 1979, a revised lineup of Little Feat issued sporadic albums and toured constantly during the next three decades.

Their early albums are noted for the cover art of illustrator Neon Park, whose surreal collages of anthropomorphic food items and Americana sundries became tied to the band’s image and music.

Members: Bill Payne (keyboards, vocals), Lowell George (guitar, slide guitar, vocals, 1969-79), Roy Estrada (bass guitar, 1969-71), Richie Hayward (drums, vocals, 1969-79, 1988-2009), Kenny Gradney (bass, 1972-79, 1988-present), Paul Barrere (guitar, vocals, 1972-79, 1988-present), Sam Clayton (percussion, vocals, 1972-79, 1988-present)


Little Feat stemmed from LA psych-rockers The Factory, which issued two singles on UNI in 1967. The band featured drummer Richie Hayward (1946–2010) and guitarist/singer Lowell George (1945–1979). They recorded roughly an album’s worth of material (most of it released on the Bizarre Records comp Lightning-Rod Man), including two songs produced by Frank Zappa, who roped George into the Mothers of Invention in late 1968.

George played on the Mother’s 1970 albums Weasels Ripped My Flesh and Burnt Weeny Sandwich. Prior to the release of those albums, his stint ended in mid-1969 under debated circumstances. Meanwhile, Hayward and Factory bassist Martin Kibbee formed The Fraternity of Man, which cut a self-titled album for ABC in 1968. One of their cuts, “Don’t Bogart That Joint,” was included on the Easy Rider soundtrack.

During his brief Mothers tenure, George met keyboardist Bill Payne when the latter auditioned for MoI. The two formed Little Feat in late 1969 with Hayward and bassist Roy Estrada.

Little Feat

Little Feat released their self-titled debut album in January 1971 on Warner Bros.

Sailin’ Shoes

Little Feat released their second album, Sailin’ Shoes, in February 1972 on Warner Bros.

Dixie Chicken

Little Feat released their third album, Dixie Chicken, on January 25, 1973, on Warner Bros.

Feats Don’t Fail Me Now

Little Feat released their fourth album, Feats Don’t Fail Me Now, on August 9, 1974, on Warner Bros.

Little Feat lifted “Oh Atlanta” as a single (b/w “Down the Road”).

The Last Record Album

Little Feat released their fifth album, The Last Record Album, on October 17, 1975, on Warner Bros.

Time Loves a Hero

Little Feat released their sixth album, Time Loves a Hero, on April 15, 1977, on Warner Bros.

Waiting for Columbus

On February 10, 1978, Little Feat released the live double-album Waiting for Columbus.

Down on the Farm

Little Feat released their seventh studio album, Down on the Farm, on November 14, 1979, on Warner Bros.


  • Little Feat (1970)
  • Sailin’ Shoes (1972)
  • Dixie Chicken (1973)
  • Feats Don’t Fail Me Now (1974)
  • The Last Record Album (1975)
  • Time Loves a Hero (1977)
  • Waiting for Columbus (live 2LP, 1978)
  • Down on the Farm (1979)
  • Let It Roll (1988)
  • Representing the Mambo (1990)


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