Area were an Italian avant-jazz/rock band that released six albums and two live discs on Cramps and Ascolto between 1973 and 1980.

Members: Patrizio Fariselli (keyboards), Giulio Capiozzo (drums, percussion, 1972-76, 1977-99), Victor Edouard Busnello (saxophone, 1972-74), Patrick Djivas (bass, 1972-74), Gaetano Leandro (keyboards, 1972), Johnny Lambizi (guitar, 1972-73), Demetrio Stratos (vocals, organ, percussion, 1972-79), Paolo Tofani (guitar, synthesizer, 1973-78, 2010-present), Ares Tavolazzi (bass, 1974-76, 1977-83, 2010-present), Larry Nocella (saxophone, 1980-83)

Area was formed in 1972 Milan by Greek vocalist, lyricist, and keyboardist Demetrio Stratos. He’d played in ’60s Italian beatsters I Ribelli and appeared on the 1970 album Emozioni by singer/songwriter Lucio Battisti. The first-recorded lineup of Area also featured keyboardist Patrizio Fariselli, bassist Patrick Djivas, saxophonist Victor Edouard Busnello, drummer Giulio Capiozzo, and guitarist Paolo Tofani.

Djivas played on the 1968 psych-exotica album Les Maledictus Sound by French producer Jean-Pierre Massiera. Busnello hailed from a series of jazz combos by Serbian trumpeter Dusko Gojkovic. Capiozzo and Tofani both came from rock backgrounds: Capiozzo from beasters The Bo Bo’s Band and The Red Devils; Tofani from I Califfi and I Samurai.



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