Love were an American psych-rock band from Los Angeles that released four albums on Elektra between 1966 and 1969.

Members: Arthur Lee (vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica, drums), Bryan MacLean (guitar, vocals, 1965-68, 1977-78), Johnny Echols (guitar, 1965-68, 2004-05), John Fleckenstein (bass, 1965), Ken Forssi (bass, 1965-68), Don Conka (drums, 1965, 1991), Alban “Snoopy” Pfisterer (drums, keyboards, 1965-67), Michael Stuart (drums, 1966-68), Tjay Cantrelli (saxophone, flute, 1966-67), Jay Lewis (guitar, 1968-70), Frank Fayad (bass, vocals, 1968-73), George Suranovich (drums, vocals, 1968-71, 1977-78), Drachen Theaker (drums, 1969), Jim Hobson (keyboards, 1969-71), Paul Martin (guitar, 1969-71), Gary Rowles (guitar, vocals, 1970-71), Nooney Rickett (guitar, vocals, 1970-71), Charlie Karp (guitar, 1972-73), Craig Tarwater (guitar, 1972-73), Clarence McDonald (keyboards, 1972-73), Don Poncher (drums, 1972-73), Gary Bell (synthesizer, 1974), Melvan Whittington (guitar, 1974-75, 1991), John Sterling (guitar, 1974-75, 1977-78), Sherwood Akuna (bass, 1974-75, 1987, 1991), Joe Blocker (drums, 1974-75, 1987), Herman McCormick (percussion, 1974-75), Kim Kesterson (bass, 1977-78), Carlos Carraby (1981), Velvet Taylor (guitar, 1981), Neil Williams (guitar, 1981)

Love formed in 1965 Los Angeles when singer/multi-instrumentalist Arthur Lee attended a Byrds concert and met guitarist/singer Bryan MacLean, who worked as that band’s roadie.

Lee was born Arthur Taylor on March 7, 1945, in Memphis, Tenn. He was the only child of local jazz cornetist Chester Taylor, who left the family when Arthur was seven. Arthur moved with his mom to Los Angeles, where he acquired the surname Lee after his mom married Clinton Lee, who adopted the boy.

As a student at Mount Vernon Junior High, Lee taught himself how to play music by ear. He started on the accordion, then learned the harmonica and organ. His first band, Arthur Lee & The L.A.G.’s, issued the 1963 surf-rock single “The Ninth Wave” (b/w “Rumble-Still-Skins“) on Capitol. In 1964, he headed The American Four on the Selma Records release “Luci Baines” (b/w “Soul Food”). Concurrently, he wrote, produced, and sang on the single “My Diary” (b/w “Utee”) by soul singer Rosa Lee Brooks. It features Jimi Hendrix in one of his earliest appearances on record.

Lee invited MacLean to join his new band, the Grass Roots, which also included American Four alumni Johnny Echols (guitar) and John Fleckenstein (bass). MacLean, a Hollywood celebrity insider, had recently auditioned for The Monkees. The Grass Roots became the house band at The Brave New World on the Sunset Strip. Almost immediately, a namesake band assembled by producer P.F. Sloan made inroads on the charts. Lee renamed his band Love.


  • Love (1966)
  • Da Capo (1966)
  • Forever Changes (1967)
  • Four Sail (1969)
  • Out Here (1969)
  • False Start (1970)
  • Reel to Real (1974)
  • Studio / Live (1982)


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