Heatwave were an soul-funk band formed by American servicemen stationed in Germany during the mid-1970s. The band released four albums on GTO between 1976 and 1980, followed by a fifth on Epic in 1982.

Members: Johnnie Wilder Jr. (vocals, 1975-79), Keith Wilder (vocals), Eric Johns (guitar, 1975-78), Roy Carter (guitar, 1976-79), Mario Mantese (bass, 1975-79), Rod Temperton (keyboards, 1975-78), Ernest “Bilbo” Berger (drums), Derek Bramble (bass, 1979-82), William Jones (guitar, 1979-83), Calvin Duke (keyboards, 1979-83), Keith Harrison (keyboards, 1979-83)

Heatwave was formed by Dayton-born singer Johnnie Wilder Jr., who started performing while stationed in Germany with the US Army. After his discharge, he continued gigging the German clubs, then moved to England in 1975. He placed a musicians-wanted ad in Melody Maker, which drew a response from keyboardist and songwriter Rod Templeton. Impressed with his material, they hit the London clubs as Chicago’s Heatwave.

Wilder phoned Dayton to ask his brother, singer Keith Wilder, to fly over and join their new band. Their lineup was rounded by Jamaican guitarist Eric Johns, Swiss bassist Mario Mantese, and Czechoslovak drummer Ernest “Bilbo” Berger. In early 1976, they signed to GTO Records.



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