The Cortinas

The Cortinas were an English punk-rock band from Bristol that released two singles on Miles Copeland’s Step Forward label in 1977. The band initially formed as a Stones-influenced pub-rock act and reverted back to that style for their 1978 singular album True Romances. Guitarist Nick Sheppard joined the final lineup of The Clash. Members: Jeremy […]

Slaughter and the Dogs

Slaughter and the Dogs were an English rock band from Wythenshawe, formed in 1975 at the forefront of punk. On July 20, 1976, they played a watershed triple-bill with the Buzzcocks and The Sex Pistols at the Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall, heralding the city’s musical renaissance. During 1977, Slaughter and the Dogs placed two […]

The Drones

The Drones were an English punk rock band from Manchester that released the album Further Temptations on Valer Records in 1977. Members: M. J. Drone [Michael Howells] (vocals), Pete Howells (drums), Steve “Whispa” Cundall (bass), Gus Gangrene (guitar, 1976-78), Mike Koman (keyboards, 1978) The Drones evolved from Rockslide, a glitter-pop band that issued the single […]

The Clash

The Clash was an English rock band that released five albums between 1977 and 1982, including two multi-LP sets under the classic four-piece lineup of Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, and Topper Headon. In 1985, a reconstituted five-man edition of the band recorded one additional album. Initially, The Clash echoed the brisk buzz-saw sounds […]

The Adverts

The Adverts were an English punk-rock band, best known for the 1977 singles “One Chord Wonders” and “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes” and the 1978 album Crossing the Red Sea With The Adverts. Their second album, Cast of Thousands, appeared shortly before their breakup in late 1979. Members: T.V. Smith (vocals), Gaye Advert (bass), Howard Pickup [Howard […]


Wire are an English art-punk/electro-goth band from London that released three albums on Harvest between 1977 and 1979. After parting ways for a half-decade, the reunited band released four albums and two EPs on Mute between 1986 and 1991, followed by an eighth proper album with the letter “e” scalloped from the nameplate due to […]

The Stranglers

The Stranglers are an English rock band, formed in 1974 by guitarist–singer Hugh Cornwell. They rose to prominence with the 1977 albums Rattus Norvegicus and No More Heroes and the UK hits “Peaches,” “Grip,” “Something Better Change,” and “No More Heroes.” Their early sound is characterized by grimy guitar tones, arpeggiated keyboard runs, and the […]

The Slits

The Slits were an English avant-reggae/funk combo from London that released the album Cut on Island/Antilles in 1979, followed by Return of the Giant Slits on CBS in 1981. Members: Ari Up [Arianna Forster, aka Ari-Upp] (vocals), Suzi Gutsy (bass, 1976-77), Kate Korus (guitar, 1976-77), Palmolive (drums, vocals, 1976-79), Viv Albertine (guitar, vocals, 1977-81), Tessa […]

Siouxsie and The Banshees

Siouxsie and the Banshees were an English art-punk/goth-psych band from London that released nine studio albums, assorted singles, and a live double-LP on Polydor between 1978 and 1988, followed by two further discs during the 1990s. The band was initially assembled by vocalist Siouxsie Sioux and bassist Steve Havoc (later Severin) to perform the 100 […]

Rikki and the Last Days of Earth

Rikki and the Last Days of Earth were an English art-punk band from Tamworth, Staffordshire, that released two singles on DJM in 1977, both included on the 1978 album 4 Minute Warning. In 1979, vocalist Rikki Sylvan served as a studio hand for Gary Numan on the albums Replicas and The Pleasure Principle. As a […]


Ultravox was an English new wave band, originally fronted by John Foxx on the 1977/78 Island releases Ultravox!, Ha!-Ha!-Ha!, and Systems of Romance. Their early stylistic range included ambient vocal numbers (“My Sex”), post-psych chamber rock (“I Want to Be a Machine”), punk (“Young Savage”), and proto synthpop (“Quiet Men”). A second incarnation, led by […]

The Sex Pistols

The Sex Pistols were an English rock band that spearheaded the London punk scene in the summer of 1976. Their debut single, “Anarchy In the UK,” appeared on EMI that November but was quickly withdrawn after the band cursed on television. After two annulled recording contracts, they signed with Virgin and issued the 1977 singles […]

The Only Ones

The Only Ones were an English garage-rock band from London that released a standalone single on Vengeance Records in 1977, followed by three albums on CBS between 1978 and 1980. Vocalist Peter Perrett had been in the band England’s Glory with future-Squeeze bassist Harri Kakoulli. Drummer Mike Kellie hailed from Spooky Tooth. Members: Peter Perrett […]

The Outsiders

The Outsiders were an English punk-rock band from London that released two albums and an EP on self-press Raw Edge Records during 1977 and 1978. The band evolved into The Sound with the arrival of bassist Graham Bailey, who also formed the side-project Second Layer with guitarist/vocalist Adrian Borland. Members: Adrian Borland (vocals, guitar), Adrian […]