Mahogany Rush ‎– Mahogany Rush IV (1976)

Mahogany Rush IV is the fourth album by Quebecois hard-rock/space-rock trio Mahogany Rush, released in 1976 on CBS/Columbia. Tracklist: A1. “I’m Going Away” (4:06) A2. “Man at the Back Door” (3:40) A3. “The Answer” (4:36) A4. “Jive Baby” (3:26) A5. “It’s Begun to Rain” (6:27) B1. “Dragonfly” (5:05) B2. “Little Sexy Annie” (3:22) B3. “Moonwalk” […]

Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush – World Anthem (1977)

World Anthem is the fifth album by Canadian hard-rock trio Mahogany Rush, released in 1977 on Columbia. Tracklist: A1. “Requiem for a Sinner” (6:01) A2. “Hey, Little Lover” (4:51) A3. “Broken Heart Blues” (4:55) A4. “In My Ways” (6:13) B1. “The World Anthem” (3:09) B2. “Look at Me” (4:07) B3. “Lady” (4:38) B4. “Try for […]

Mahogany Rush

Mahogany Rush were a Québécois hard-rock trio that released three albums on 20th Century between 1973 and 1975, followed by four further titles and a live disc on CBS/Columbia between 1976 and 1980. The band was fronted by guitarist/vocalist Frank Marino, whose name was affixed to the nameplate on later releases. Members: Frank Marino (guitar, […]