Curved Air

Curved Air are an English symphonic-psych band that released four albums on Warner Bros. between 1970 and 1973, followed by two mid-decade albums on RCA Victor. They formed around the creative core of violinist Darryl Way, guitarist–keyboardist Francis Monkman, and alto vocalist Sonja Kristina. With a fluctuating rhythm section, Curved Air released the 1970–72 albums […]

Roxy Music

Roxy Music was an English art-rock band led by singer Bryan Ferry. They emerged with the 1972/73 albums Roxy Music and For Your Pleasure and the hits “Virginia Plain,” “Do the Strand,” and “Editions of You.” Both albums feature keyboardist Brian Eno, who left for a solo career. Eddie Jobson joined on keyboard and violin […]

Jethro Tull

Jethro Tull are an English rock band that released twenty studio albums between 1968 and 1999. They are best known for the classic rock evergreens “Aqualung,” “Bourée,” “Bungle In the Jungle,” “Living In the Past,” and “Locomotive Breath.” Their style encompasses blues, folk, hard rock, electronic and orchestral music. Singer Ian Anderson distinguished himself among […]


U.K. was an English symphonic-rock supergroup that released a self-titled album on Polydor as a four-piece in 1978, followed by the album Danger Money under a revised trio lineup in 1979. The original quartet featured the established talents of bassist/vocalist John Wetton (Mogul Thrash, King Crimson, Uriah Heep), guitarist Allan Holdsworth (Tempest, Soft Machine), keyboardist/violist […]

Roxy Music ‎– Siren (1975)

Siren is the fifth album by Euro-style English sextet Roxy Music. Released in 1975, the album — which completes the Jobson trilogy that also includes Stranded (1973) and Country Life (1974) — would be the band’s last before their initial split. Continuing the trilogy’s romanticism of decadence and dissonance, the album is highlighted by the […]

Roxy Music ‎– Country Life (1974)

Country Life is the fourth album by Euro-styled English sextet Roxy Music. Released in 1974 at the height of the band’s popularity, the album refines the newfound classicism of its predecessor. With a mood that veers between opulent and ominous, the album is highlighted by the windy vortex of “Out of the Blue,” the searing […]

Roxy Music ‎– Stranded (1973)

Stranded is the third album by Roxy Music. Released in November 1973, the album is the first in a trilogy to feature violinist/keyboardist Eddie Jobson, whose lavish classicism refined the band’s sound. The flamboyant exuberance that emblazons “Street Life” is swiftly betrayed by a darker vibe best embodied by the melancholic melodrama of “A Song […]

Eddie Jobson

Eddie Jobson (born April 28, 1955) is an English keyboardist and violinist, best known for his stints in Curved Air, Roxy Music, and U.K. As a teen prodigy, he replaced Darryl Way in Curved Air for their 1973 release Air Cut. That same year, Roxy Music selected him as a replacement for Brian Eno. Jobson […]

Eddie Jobson / Zinc ‎– The Green Album (1983)

The Green Album is the debut solo longplayer by English art-rock violinist/keyboardist Eddie Jobson, released in 1983 on Capitol. Tracklist: A1. “Transporter” (1:11) A2. “Resident” (6:01) A3. “Easy for You to Say” (4:07) A4. “Prelude” (2:30) A5. “Nostalgia” (2:27) A6. “Walking From Pastel” (2:07) A7. “Turn It Over” (4:15) B1. “Green Face” (4:22) B2. “Who […]

UK ‎– Danger Money (1979)

Danger Money is the second of two studio albums by English symphonic-rock supergroup UK, released in 1979 on Polydor. The original lineup is halved on this release to bassist/vocalist John Wetton and keyboardist/violinist Eddie Jobson, who are joined by American drummer Terry Bozzio. Tracklist: A1. “Danger Money” (8:15) A2. “Rendezvous 6.02” (5:00) A3. “The Only […]

UK ‎– U.K. (1978)

U.K. is the first of two albums by the namesake English symphonic/jazz-rock supergroup, released in 1978 on E’G/Polydor. Tracklist: A1. “In the Dead of Night” (5:38) A2. “By the Light of Day” (4:32) A3. “Presto Vivace and Reprise” (2:58) A4. “Thirty Years” (8:05) B1. “Alaska” (4:45) B2. “Time to Kill” (4:55) B3. “Nevermore” (8:09) B4. […]

Jethro Tull ‎– A (1980)

A is the thirteenth studio album by English art-rock band Jethro Tull, released in 1980 on Chrysalis. Tracklist: A1. “Crossfire” (3:51) A2. “Flyingdale Flyer” (4:27) A3. “Working John, Working Joe” (5:01) A4. “Black Sunday” (6:33) B1. “Protect and Survive” (3:22) B2. “Batteries Not Included” (3:47) B3. “Uniform” (3:30) B4. “4.W.D. (Low Ratio)” (3:37) B5. “The […]

Curved Air – Air Cut (1973)

Air Cut is the fourth album by English symphonic-rock band Curved Air, released in 1973 on Warner Bros. The album features the violin/keyboard talents of an 18-year-old Eddie Jobson, who deputized the roles of Darryl Way and Francis Monkman for these sessions. Tracklist: A1. “The Purple Speed Queen” (3:23) A2. “Elfin Boy” (4:12) A3. “Metamorphosis” […]