John Miles

John Miles (April 23, 1949 — December 5, 2021) was an English vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, and songwriter who shot to fame on Decca with the 1976 album Rebel and the singles “Highfly” and “Music.” It was produced by Alan Parsons, who also handled Miles’ 1979 fourth album More Miles Per Hour. Concurrently, Parsons enlisted the singer for select vocals on the Project albums Tales of Mystery and Imagination and Pyramid. Between his involvement with Parsons, Miles teamed with Rupert Holmes on the 1977/78 albums Stranger in the City and Zaragon. The former includes the hits “Remember Yesterday” and “Slow Down.”

Between 1981 and 1985, he released the albums Miles High, Play On, and Transition. He guested twice more with the Alan Parsons Project on the 1985–87 albums Stereotomy and Gaudi. In 1988, Miles sang on Outrider, the debut solo album by former Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. From 1987 onward, Miles backed Tina Turner on assorted live and studio projects.

Miles was born John Errington on April 23, 1949, in Jarrow, Tyne and Wear. As a teenager at Jarrow Grammar School, he formed his first band, The Influence, with drummer Paul Thompson (later Roxy Music) and guitarist Vic Malcolm (later Geordie). In 1969, they released their only single, “I Want to Live” (b/w “Driving Me Wild”), on Orange Records.

He briefly fronted the John Miles Set, then issued “Why Don’t You Love Me,” his first of eight solo singles on Orange, interrupted by the 1971 Decca single “Jose.” Between September 1970 and November 1974, his solo singles appeared as follows:

Sep 1970
A: “Why Don’t You Love Me” (Errington)
B: “If I Could See Through” (Errington)

Jul 1971 (Decca)
A: “Jose” (Jonathan King)
B: “You Make It So Hard” (Miles)

Feb 1972
A: “Come Away Melinda” (Tim Rose)
B: “Walking With My Head Held High” (Miles)

March 1972
A: “Yesterday (Was Just the Beginning)” (Vanda/Young)
B: “Road to Freedom” (Paul Morrison)

Feb 1973
A: “Hard Road”
B: “You’re Telling Me Lies” (Miles)

May 1973
A: “Jacqueline” (Miles)
B: “Keep On Tryin'” (Miles)

Aug 1973
A: “One Minute Every Hour” (Vanda/Young)
B: “Hollywood Queen” (Miles)

Jan 1974
A: “Fright Of My Life” (Miles/Marshall)
B: “Good Time Woman” (Miles/Marshall)

Nov 1974
A: “What’s On Your Mind”
B: “To Be Grateful” (Magnús Kjartansson)
B (alt): “Rock ‘N’ Roll Band”



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