Mahogany Rush

Mahogany Rush were a Québécois hard-rock trio that released three albums on 20th Century between 1973 and 1975, followed by four further titles and a live disc on CBS/Columbia between 1976 and 1980. The band was fronted by guitarist/vocalist Frank Marino, whose name was affixed to the nameplate on later releases.

Members: Frank Marino (guitar, vocals), Jimmy Ayoub (drums, 1970-82), Paul Harwood (bass, 1970-86), Vince Marino (guitar, 1980-93), Tim Biery (drums, 1982-93), Peter Dowse (bass, 1986-2006)

Mahogany Rush was formed in 1969 Montreal by 14-year-old Italian-Canadian guitarist Frank Marino (b. Nov. 20, 1954). According to urban legend, he was visited during an LSD trip by the apparition of Jimi Hendrix, who told him to take up guitar. Marino had actually played drums since the age of five. He started playing guitar at age thirteen, inspired by the burgeoning acid rock and blues rock movements.

In the early days, Mahogany Rush played a mix of covers by Hendrix, The Doors, Cream, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles. By 1970, the band settled into its classic trio lineup of Marino, bassist Paul Harwood, and drummer Jimmy Ayoub. As Marino developed an original repertoire, they gigged the Quebecois rock circuit for two years and signed to local-press Kot’ai Records in 1972.

Mahogany Rush released their debut album, Maxoom, in October 1972. It features 10 Marino originals, including “All In Your Mind,” “Magic Man,” “Funky Woman,” and “Boardwalk Lady.” Marino produced the album with engineering by Robert Nickford and Yvon Caron (Champignons). The track “Blues” features pianist Phil Beck (Dionysos), who would later play on Michel Madore‘s 1976 release Le Komuso à Cordes. Organist John McDiarmid (Bombers, Boule de Son) appears on the closing track, “The New Beginning.”

The Maxoom cover features a painting by 15th century Flemish artist Hans Memling. In 1973, the album was issued stateside on 20th Century Records ‎with a sleeve note stating “Dedicated to Jimi Hendrix.” In North America, “Buddy” was lifted as a single, backed with “All In Your Mind.”


  • Maxoom (1973)
  • Child of the Novelty (1974)
  • Strange Universe (1975)
  • IV (1976)
  • World Anthem (1977 • Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush)
  • Live (1978 • Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush )
  • Tales of the Unexpected (1979 • Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush)
  • What’s Next (1980 • Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush)


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