Saluki were a Norwegian maximalist rock quintet of the mid-1970s. Members: Freddy Dahl (vocals, guitar), Peter Berg Nilsen (vocals, saxophone), Kjell Rønningen (keyboards), Sverre Beyer (bass), Bjørn Jenssen (drums) Frontman Dahl had the most active background, first as a member of Junipher Green on their classic double-platter Friendship (1971), followed by time with the George […]


Dream was a Norwegian psych-rock band that released the 1967 album Get Dreamy on Polydor. Guitarist Terje Rypdal embarked on a lengthy career as an international jazz sessionist and ECM recording artist. Members: Terje Rypdal (guitar, vocals), Christian Reim (piano, organ, vocals), Hans Marius Stormoen (bass), Tom Karlsen (drums, percussion) Dream formed in Oslo in […]


Vanessa were a Norwegian jazz-rock band that recorded the album City Lips for the On label in 1975, followed by the popular Black and White album on Compendium in 1976. Members: Svend Undseth (flute, saxophone, guitar), Frode Holm (keyboards), Thorsten Dulsrud (drums), Harald Salater (bass), Jan Erik Pedersen (bass), Knut Værnes (guitar), Frank Aleksandersen (drums), […]


Lava were a Norwegian smooth-rock band that issued four albums on Polydor between 1980 and 1984, followed in 1990 by a comeback on Mercury. A trio of albums on Tylden appeared during the 2000s. Members: Svein Dag Hauge (guitar, vocals), Per Hillestad (drums, percussion), Geir Langslet (keyboards, vocals), Stein Austrud (keyboards), Stein Eriksen (keyboards, 1977-80), […]


Thule were a Norwegian symphonic/goth band that self-released six albums between 1985 and 2004. Members: Jens Morten Søreide (vocals, 1983-85), Einar Jan Larsen (guitar, 1983-85), Even Gaare (drums, 1983-85), Steve Riise Jensen (guitar, vocals, 1985-present), Peer-Einar Pedersen (bass, vocals, 1985-present), Pål Valle (keyboards, vocals, 1985-93), Jens Haugan [Frommholz] (drums, 1986-87), Hugo Barbala (drums, percussion, 1988-present) […]


Titanic were a Norwegian hard-rock band that released four albums on CBS between 1970 and 1975, followed by two titles on Barclay and Souplet during the latter half of the decade. Members: Jan Løseth (guitar, vocals, 1969-75, 1977-79, 1991-present), Kenny Aas (keyboards, bass, 1969-73), Chappy [Kjell Asperud] (percussion, vocals, 1969-74, 1977-79), John Lorck (drums, 1969-74, […]

Terje Rypdal

Terje Rypdal (born Aug. 23, 1947) is a Norwegian jazz-rock guitarist who’s released more than 25 albums since 1968 in solo and combo form, mostly on ECM. Background and Early Bands Rypdal was born in Oslo, Norway, the son of a composer and orchestra leader. As a child, he studied classical piano and trumpet. In […]

Sven Libaek

Sven Libaek (born Sept. 20, 1938) is a Norwegian-born/Australian-based keyboardist, composer, conductor, and producer with a recording career that spanned two decades. Between 1965 and 1986, he released more than 18 albums and movie/television soundtracks. Discography: Nature Walkabout (OST, 1965) To Ride a White Horse (OST, 1966) The Music of Sven Libaek (1967) Australian Suite […]


Ruphus was a Norwegian symphonic/jazz-rock band that released six albums on Polydor and Brain between 1973 and 1979. Members: Asle Nilsen (bass), Hans Petter Danielsen (guitar, 1972-73), Kjell Larsen (guitar), Håkon Graf (keyboards, 1972-76), Gudny Aspaas (vocals, 1972-74, 1975-76, 1978-81), Rune Sundby (vocals, 1972-74), Thor Bendiksen (drums, 1972-78, 1981), Freddy Dahl (vocals, 1974-76, 1980-81), Rune […]

St. Helena

St. Helena were a Norwegian folk-rock/psych band that recorded roughly an album’s worth of material circa 1973/74 that would ultimately be released on archival discs during the 1990s and 2000s. Members: Fezza Ellingsen (guitar, flute), Rolf Andersen (vocals, acoustic guitar), Kjell Are Playm (keyboards, vocals), Ray Briseid (bass), Willy Bendiksen (drums) Discography: Hello Friend (1991, […]

Radka Toneff

Radka Toneff (June 25, 1952 — Oct. 21, 1982) was a Norwegian jazz vocalist who released three albums on the Sonet, Verve, and Odin labels between 1977 and 1982. Discography: Winter Poem (1977) It Don’t Come Easy (1979) Fairytales (1982 • Radka Toneff & Steve Dobrogosz)


Prudence were a Norwegian folk-rock/psych band that released three singles circa 1970/71 on Experience Records, followed by four albums between 1972 and 1975 on Polydor. Members: Åge Aleksandersen (guitar, vocals), Per Erik Wallum (vocals, flute, harmonica), Terje Tysland (accordion, guitar, piano, vocals), Johan Tangen (mandolin, guitar), Kjell Ove Riseth (bass), Kaare Skevik Jr. (drums), Jan […]

Popol Vuh / Popol Ace

Popol Vuh was a Norwegian art-rock band that released two albums circa 1972/73 on Polydor. Upon discovery of the namesake German outfit, the band changed its name to Popol Ace for two further albums. Members: Pete Knutsen (keyboards, guitar), Arne Schultze (guitar), Terje Methi (bass), Thor Andreassen (drums), Jahn Teigen (vocals, 1972-77), Fred Alvad (Hammond […]


Octopus were a Norwegian symphonic-rock band that released the album Thærie Wiighen in 1981 on Octocon. Members: Tore Aarnes [aka Y Me] (keyboards), Olaf Dahle, Henry “Nunne” Holden (vocals), Frank Berg Olsen (drums), Roar Søderlind (drums, bass), Jon Ola Sand, Dag Bjune (bass) Discography: Thærie Wiighen (1981)

Moose Loose

Moose Loose were a Norwegian jazz-rock band that released two albums on Mai and Vertigo between 1974 and 1976. Members: Jon Eberson (guitar), Espen Rud (drums), Jon Christensen (drums), Brynjulf Blix (keyboards), Sveinung Hovensjø (bass), Håkon Graf (keyboards), Trond Villa (violin), Pål Thorstensen (bass) Discography: Elgen er Løs (1974) Transition (1976)


Lotus were a Norwegian jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album on Nor-Disc in 1979. Members: Åsmund Snortheim (bass), Bent Patey (guitar), Ole Henrik Giørtz (piano), Espen Rud (percussion, drums), Finn Sletten (drums, 1976-79), Vidar Johansen (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, 1977-83), Audun Kleive (drums, 1981-83) Discography: Lotus (1979)


Akasha were a Norwegian symphonic/space-rock band that released a self-titled album on Bat in 1977. Members: Sverre Svendsen (vocals, Mellotron), Kjell Evensen (drums), Arild Andreassen (bass), Jens Ivar Andreassen (guitars, Mellotron, synthesizer, piano, organ), Tor-Jonny Hansen (lyrics) Discography: Akasha (1977)

Kong Lavring

Kong Lavring were a Norwegian folk-rock band that released two albums between 1977 and 1978 on Nor-Disc. Members: Liv Nelle Solberg (vocals, melodica), Jørn Jensen (vocals, dulcimer, mandolin, crumhorn, guitar), Per Ladegaard (guitar, mandolin, dulcimer), Geir Holmsen (bass), Arne Hågensen (drums), Marit Jordbræk (vocals), Petter Lindstad (drums), Knut Ellevold (vocals, bass), Lars Just Nilsen (recorder), […]

Karin Krog

Karin Krog is a Norwegian jazz vocalist whose career has spanned more than half a century, starting with her 1964 debut By Myself. She has released more than 40 albums on assorted labels in solo, duet, and combo configurations. Discography: By Myself (1964) Jazz Moments (1966) Joy (1968) Open Space: The Down Beat Poll Winners […]

Jan Garbarek

Jan Garbarek (March 4, 1947) is a Norwegian tenor saxophonist who first emerged as a backing player for Karin Krog and Terje Rypdal during the late 1960s. Since 1970, he has released more than 30 albums on ECM in solo and combo configurations.  Discography: Esoteric Circle (1969 • Jan Garbarek With Terje Rypdal) Afric Pepperbird (1970 • […]

Junipher Greene

Junipher Greene were a Norwegian folk-rock/psych band that debuted to much fanfare with the 1971 double-album Friendship on Sonet. The band’s second album, Communication, was issued by the On label in 1973. One further album appeared on Musikkselskapet in 1982. Members: Bent Åserud (guitar, keyboards, flute, vocals), Geir Bøhren (vocals, drums, saxophone), Helge Grøslie (organ, […]


Høst were a Norwegian symphonic/hard-rock band that recorded two albums between 1974 and 1976 for the On label. Members: Geir Jahren (lead vocals), Svein Rønning (guitar, Clavinet, organ, Minimoog, grand piano, vocals), Lasse Nilsen (guitar), Fezza Ellingsen (guitar), Halvdan Nedrejord (keyboards), Bernt Bodahl (bass), Knut R. Lie (drums), Willy Bendiksen (drums) Discography: På sterke vinger […]

Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall were a Norwegian rustic folk-rock band that issued a self-titled album in 1972 on Sonet, followed in 1978 by Rose of Barcelona on Mercury. Members: Erik Moll (vocals, guitar), Rune Walle (guitar, vocals, piano), Trygve Thue (guitar), Harald Dyb (accordion), Kaare Øivind Moldestad (bass), Gunnar Bergstrøm (drums), Lasse Berntzen (guitar, accordion), […]


Anni-Frid Lyngstad — known professionally as Frida (born Nov. 15, 1945) — is a Norwegian-born singer best known as one-fourth of the Swedish pop sensation ABBA. In 1982, she achieved solo success with the Phil Collins-produced Something’s Going On and its Russ Ballard-penned title track. Discography: Something’s Going On (1982)

Frode Thingnæs

Frode Thingnæs (May 20, 1940 — Nov. 15, 2012) was a Norwegian trombonist, composer, and arranger who played on numerous jazz and pop albums, starting in the early 1960s. In 1974, he recorded the jazz-funk album Feelin’ All Right for Polydor. Between 1978 and 1980, he released two albums with his namesake quintet on the Talent […]


Flax were a Norwegian hard-rock band that released the popular album One on Vertigo in 1976, followed by Monster Tapes on Harvest in 1980. Members: Hermod Falch (vocals), John Hesla (guitar, flute), Bruce C. Rasmussen (drums, 1972-75), Arve Sakariassen (bass, 1972-75), Lars Hesla (keyboards), Morten Jakobsen (drums, 1978-?), Willy Bendiksen (drums, 1978-?), Jørun Bøgeberg (bass, […]


Déjà-Vu were a Norwegian symphonic-rock band that self-pressed the album Between the Leaves 1976. Initially limited to a run of 100 copies, the album was reissued by Swedish archivists Research Records in 1995. Members: Svein Rønning (guitar, vocals), Harald Otterstad (keyboards), Kai Grønlie (vocals), Per Amundsen (bass), Knut Lie (drums, vocals) Discography: Between the Leaves […]

De Press

De Press were a Norwegian New Wave/goth-rock band that released two albums and two shortplayers on Siberia between 1980 and 1982. Amid lineup changes, the band later relocated to Poland, releasing 12 albums between 1994 and 2016. Members: Andrej Nebb (vocals, bass), Jørn Christensen (guitar, 1980-83), Anders Sevaldson (keyboards, 1980-83), Ola Snortheim (drums, 1980-83), Maciej […]


Bridges were a Norwegian art-rock foursome that issued the album Fakkeltog on self-press Våkenatt in 1980. Half the band would later team with vocalist Morten Harket in the art-pop trio a-ha. Members: Magne Furuholmen (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Paul Waaktaar-Savoy (vocals, guitar), Øystein Jevanord (drums), Viggo Andreas Bondi (bass) Discography: Fakkeltog (1980) Våkenatt (2018, recorded 1981)

Blow Out

Blow Out were a Norwegian jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album on Compendium in 1977. Members: Håkon Graf (keyboards), Jon Eberson (guitars), Sveinung Hovensjø (bass), Jon Christensen (drums), Miki N’Doye (percussion) Discography: Blow Out (1977)


Blaupunkt were a Norwegian New Wave band that issued a standalone single on Torpedo and a self-titled album on Sonet between 1980 and 1982. Members: Tone Rønning (vocals), Kåre Berntzen (guitar), Harald Haakstad (guitar), Bjørn Rølla (bass), Ola Snortheim (drums), Gunnar Hanslien (drums) Discography: “Cupfinalen” / “Jostein og Elskerinna til Torstein” / “La Meg Være […]


Espen Beranek Holm (born March 23, 1960) is a Norwegian coldwave musician known professionally as Beranek. He released three albums on the Oslo labels Mind Expanding and Snowflake between 1981 and 1984, followed by two longplayers on CBS and Epic during the latter half of the 1980s. Discography: Sound of Danger (1981) X-Ray (1983) Trigger […]


Bazar were a Norwegian folk-rock band that issued two albums on Samspill/Mai between 1973 and 1974. Members: Brynjulf Blix (keyboards), Ole Henrik Giørtz (vocals), Bent Patey (guitar), Øyvind Rauset (fiddle, 1976-77), Per Vestaby (bass, 1978-79), Kåre Virud (guitar) Discography: Det er ikke så enkelt (1973) Drabantbyrock (1974)


Barock were a Norwegian folk-rock/jazz-rock band that released the album Bare en Blåveis on Mercury in 1976. Members: Magne Høyland, Anders Bru, Bjørn Aslaksen, Reidar Olsen, Sveinung Sand, Tommi Haukland Discography: Bare en Blåveis (1976)

Aunt Mary

Aunt Mary were a Norwegian art-rock/psych band that released three albums on Polydor, Philips, and Vertigo between 1970 and 1973. Members: Bjørn Christiansen (guitar), Jan Groth (vocals, organ, 1969-72, 1982-2013), Svein Gundersen (bass, 1969-2012), Ivar Lauritzen (drums, 1969-70), Per Ivar Fure (flute, saxophone, 1969-71), Ketil Stensvik (drums, 1970-2015), Bengt Jenssen (organ, 1972-73), Bernt Bodal (bass, […]


A-ha are a Norwegian art-pop band that released five albums on Warner Bros. between 1985 and 1993. Members: Paul Waaktaar-Savoy (guitar, programming), Magne Furuholmen (keyboards), Morten Harket (vocals) Discography: Hunting High and Low (1985) Scoundrel Days (1986) Stay on These Roads (1988) East of the Sun, West of the Moon (1990)