Ange are a French symphonic-rock band from Belfort, Franche-Comté, formed in 1969. Between 1972 and 1983, the band released 10 studio albums and one live double-LP on Philips, followed by a round of mid-to-late ’80s releases on Trema and Marianne.

Members: Christian Décamps (vocals, piano, keyboards, organ, percussion), Francis Décamps (keyboards, vocals, Mellotron, synthesizer, piano, 1969-95), Jean-Michel Brezovar (guitar, vocals, 1969-77, 1988-95), Gérard Jelsch (percussion, drums, 1969-74, 1995), Patrick Kachanian (bass, 1969-70), Jean-Claude Rio (vocals, 1969-70), Daniel Haas (guitar, bass, 1970-77, 1988-?), Guénolé Biger (drums, 1975), Jean-Pierre Guichard (drums, percussion, 1975-81), Claude Demet (guitar, bass, 1978-80), Mick Piellard (bass, 1978), Gérald Renard (bass, 1978-80), Robert Defer (guitar, 1980-81, 1988), Didier Viseux (bass, 1980-81), Serge Cuenot (guitar, 1981-88), Laurent Sigrist (bass, 1981-88), Jean-Claude Potin (drums, 1981-85), Francis Meyer (drums, 1986-88)

Ange was formed in 1970 by brothers Christian and Francis Décamps, who both sang and played keyboards. The original lineup included bassist/flautist Patrick Kachanian, drummer Gérard Jelsch, and guitarists Jean-Michel Brézovar and Jean-Claude Rio. They debuted with the single “Israel” (b/w “Cauchemar”), issued in 1970 on CAEPE Records.

In 1971, Rio quit and Kachanian cleared way for bassist Daniel Haas, stabilizing the lineup for the next four years. Their second single, “Tout Feu Tout Flamme” (b/w “Docteur Man”), appeared that year on Philips.


  • Caricatures (1972)
  • Le cimetière des arlequins (1973)
  • Au-delà du délire (1974)
  • Emile Jacotey (1975)
  • Par les fils de Mandrin (1976)
  • Tome VI (live, 1977)
  • Guet-apens (1978)
  • Vu d’un chien (1980)
  • Moteur! (1981)
  • À propos de… (1982)
  • La gare de Troyes (1983)
  • Fou! (1985)
  • Egna (1986)
  • Tout feu tout flamme (1987)
  • Sève qui peut (1989)


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