Sparks is the musical partnership of American keyboardist–songwriter Ron Mael and his vocalist brother Russell Mael. They first recorded as Halfnelson, a quintet with drummer Harley Feinstein and another set of brothers, guitarist Earle Mankey and guitarist–bassist Jim Mankey. They signed to Bearsville for the 1971 release Halfnelson, produced by Todd Rundgren. Soon after, they […]

Deaf School

Deaf School are an English art-rock band that released three albums on Warner Brothers between 1976 and 1978. On its first two albums — 2nd Honeymoon (1976) and Don’t Stop the World (1977) — the band pairs ’30s/’40s ambience (cabaret, music hall) with the lavish arrangements of contemporary theatrical pop (Sparks, Sailor, Cockney Rebel, Brian […]

Orchestra Luna

Orchestra Luna was an American operatic art-rock septet from Boston that released a self-titled album in 1975 on Epic, produced by Rupert Homes. Members: Rick Berlin (keyboards), Scott Chambers (bass), Randy Roos (guitar), Don Mulvaney (drums), Lisa Kinscherf (vocals), Liz Gallagher (vocals), Peter Barrett (vocals), Steven Paul Perry (guitar), Chet Cahill (bass), Bob Brandon (keyboards), […]


Dorian Zero — aka Kenneth J. Passante (Jan. 16, 1948 — Jan. 7, 1994) — was an American art-rock musician and songwriter from Manhattan who released a self-titled album in 1977 on Amerama Records. Background Passante started with Sweet Dirt, an unrecorded rock band active circa 1973 on the NYC circuit. After a brief stint […]


Sailor was an English music-hall pop band from London that released five albums on Epic between 1974 and 1978. Rupert Holmes produced their 1975 second album Trouble, which spawned the UK hits “Glass of Champagne” and “Girls, Girls, Girls.” After the departure of singer–guitarist Georg Kajanus, a revamped Sailor linked with onetime Chicago producer James […]

Brian Protheroe

Brian Protheroe is an English singer, keyboardist, and songwriter associated with the mid-seventies cabaret glam scene. He released the 1974–76 Chrysalis albums Pinball, Pick-Up, I/You, and the soundtrack to the fifties rock musical Leave Him to Heaven. Early Life, Activities Protheroe was born on June 16, 1944, in Salisbury, Wiltshire, to an English mother and […]


Carmen was an English-American flamenco-rock band, formed in Los Angeles by guitarist–keyboardist David Allen. They relocated to London and released the 1973–74 albums Fandangos in Space and Dancing on a Cold Wind on Regal Zonophone. After opening the 1975 US Jethro Tull tour, Carmen recorded The Gypsies for Mercury. Members: David Allen (vocals, guitar, piano, […]


Metro was an English symphonic/art-pop combo that was active through two iterations between 1976 and 1980. In its initial trio formation with veteran singer/songwriter Duncan Browne, the band released a classic self-titled album in late 1976. After his departure, two further albums appeared circa 1979/80 from a revised five-piece lineup. Musically, Metro wed the quasi-symphonic […]


Flashman was an English cabaret/art-pop trio that released a self-titled album on Pye/Vanguard in 1977. Pianist and singer/songwriter Gerald Watkiss released a 1978 solo album. He then adopted the moniker Gerald Masters for a pair of albums during the early 1980s. Members: Gerald Watkiss [aka Gerald Masters], Nick Walpole (timpani, percussion), Chris Hudman (bass), Dylan […]

Cockney Rebel

Cockney Rebel was an English orchestral/art-pop band that released two albums on EMI in 1973 and 1974. After the breakup of the original band, frontman Steve Harley assembled new musicians for a trio of 1975/76 albums with his own name affixed to the Cockney Rebel nameplate. Members: Steve Harley (vocals, acoustic guitar), Stuart Elliott (drums, […]

Brett Smiley

Brett Smiley (Sept. 25, 1955 — Jan. 7, 2016) was an American art-pop singer from Indiana who released a standalone single on the U.K. Anchor label in 1974. The songs were part of a proposed album that he recorded with ex-Stones producer Andrew Loog Oldham. The full album was ultimately released as Breathlessly Brett on […]


Faust’o (born Jan. 2, 1954) is an Italian singer/songwriter who debuted with the popular CDG release Suicidio in 1978, followed by two further albums for the label in 1979 and 1980. Discography: Suicidio (1978) Poco zucchero (1979) J’accuse… Amore Mio (1980) Out Now (1982) Faust’o (1982) Love Story (1985)


Jobriath Salisbury (1946–1983) was an American singer, pianist, and songwriter who released the 1973–74 Elektra albums Jobriath and Creatures of the Street. Background Jobriath was born Bruce Wayne Campbell on December 14, 1946, in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. As a child, he played organ at his family church and gained recognition as a piano prodigy […]

Space Waltz

Space Waltz was a New Zealander art-rock band that released a self-titled album on EMI in 1975. Members: Alastair Riddell (vocals, guitar, synthesizer), Eddie Rayner (piano, Hammond organ, Mellotron, synthesizer), Greg Clark (electric guitar), Peter Cuddihy (bass), Brent Eccles (drums) Background Riddell (b. 1952; Auckland) got his musical start as the guitarist and singer of […]