T2 was an English hard-rock/psych trio from London that released the album It’ll All Work Out in Boomland on Decca in 1970. The band evolved out of Bulldog Breed, in which bassist Bernie Jinks played on the album Made In England prior to the arrival of guitarist Keith Cross and drummer/vocalist Pete Dunton. In 1972, […]

Bulldog Breed

Bulldog Breed was an English psych-rock band that released the single “Portcullis Gate” and the album Made in England on Deram Nova in 1969. Immediately after Bulldog Breed, final-lineup members Keith Cross and Bernie Jinks regrouped in the powertrio T2. Guitarist Rod Harrison reappeared in the 1972 Threshold one-off Asgærd. Members: Bernie Jinks (bass), Louie […]

Bulldog Breed ‎– Made in England (1969)

Made in England is the sole longplayer by English rock/freakbeat band Bulldog Breed, released in 1969 on Deram. Tracklist: A1. “Paper Man” (3:20) A2. “Sheba’s Broomstick Ride” (2:22) A3. “I Flew” (2:44) A4. “Eileen’s Haberdashery Store” (2:46) A5. “Folder Men” (2:36) A6. “Dougal” (2:26) A7. “When the Sun Stands Still” (2:44) B1. “Reborn” (2:31) B2. […]

T2 ‎– It’ll All Work Out In Boomland (1970)

It’ll All Work Out In Boomland is the first and only album by English power trio T2, released in 1970 on Decca. Tracklist: A1. “In Circles” (8:32) A2. “J.L.T.” (5:49) A3. “No More White Horses” (8:33) B. “Morning” (21:12) Credits: Keith Cross — guitar, keyboards, vocals Pete Dunton — writer, drums, vocals Bernie Jinks — […]

Keith Cross & Peter Ross ‎– Bored Civilians (1972)

Bored Civilians is the singular album by English singer/songwriter duo Keith Cross and Peter Ross, released in 1972 on Decca. Tracklist: A1. “The Last Ocean Rider” (6:56) A2. “Bored Civilians” (2:34) A3. “Peace in the End” (3:27) A4. “Story to a Friend” (11:06) B1. “Loving You Takes So Long” (4:20) B2. “Pastels” (4:07) B3. “The […]