Invisible were an Argentine supergroup that released three albums during the mid-1970s. Musically, the band evolved from the free-flowing, psych-tinged poetic rock of their first two albums to the layered eclecticism of their 1976 swan song El Jardín de los Presentes.

Members: Luis Alberto Spinetta (guitar, vocals), Carlos Machi Rufino (bass), Héctor Pomo Lorenzo (drums), Tomás Gubitsch (guitar, 1976-77)

Luis Alberto Spinetta had made a name for himself in the major national bands Almendra and Pescado Rabioso. Héctor Pomo Lorenzo had been in the brief, initial formation of Los Abuelos de la Nada and also done time in Pappo’s Blues, where he rubbed shoulders with Carlos Machi Rufino.

After Invisible folded, Spinetta recorded solo and later re-teamed with Lorenzo in Spinetta Jade. Rufino resurfaced at decade’s end in the jazz-rock trio Tantor. Gubitsch would play on Astor Piazzolla‘s 1977 live album and join folk ensemble Lágrima.

Album discography:

Non-album singles:

  • “Elementales leches” / “Estado de coma” (1973)
  • “La llave del Mandala” / “Lo que nos ocupa es esa abuela, la conciencia que regula el mundo” (1974)
  • “Oso del sueño” / “Viejos ratones del tiempo” (1974)

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