Brass Construction

Brass Construction were an American soul-funk band from Brooklyn that released six albums on United Artists between 1975 and 1980, followed by four further albums on Liberty and Capitol between 1982 and 1985.

Members: Randy Muller (keyboards, vocals), Michael Grudge (saxophone), Jesse Ward Jr. (saxophone), Wayne Parris (trumpet), Morris Price (trumpet), Joseph Arthur Wong (guitar), Wade Williamson (bass), Larry Payton (drums), Sandy Billups (percussion)

The band evolved from an R&B/rock quartet called Dynamic Soul, formed in 1967 by keyboardist/singer Randy Muller. As the lineup expanded, newer members brought in elements of jazz and Latin music. By 1970, they’d expanded to a nine-piece with two trumpeters and two saxophonists. To reflect their new sound, Muller renamed the band Brass Construction.

Drummer Larry Payton, the only pre-credited member, co-arranged the single “(Funky) Four Corners” (b/w “Soul Lover”) by Jerry O, released in 1968 on White Whale.

Brass Construction debuted on 7″ with two Muller compositions, “Two Timin’ Lady” (b/w “Take It Easy”), released in 1970 on one-press Docc Records. In 2005, both songs were released in vocal and instrumental form along with two unearthered tracks from the period, “Got to Be Love” and “Orpheus,” on the archival mini-album Take It Easy (The Kenny Dope Mixes).

The original single was produced by Jeff Lane, who later produced the first six Brass Construction albums. Through this liaison, Lane employed Muller as the arranger on 1974 recordings by Isis, Gene Toone, and fellow Brooklyn funksters the B.T. Express. By now, Muller was majoring in music theory at Hunter College. The success of B.T.’s “Do It (‘Til You’re Satisfied)” (R&B #1, Pop #2) prompted United Artists to sign his band.


  • “Two Timin’ Lady” / “Take It Easy” (1970)
  • Brass Construction (1975)
  • Brass Construction II (1976)
  • Brass Construction III (1977)
  • Brass Construction IV (1978)
  • Brass Construction 5 (1979)
  • Brass Construction 6 (1980)
  • Attitudes (1982)
  • Conversations (1983)
  • Renegades (1984)
  • Conquest (1985)


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