Richard Hell & the Voidoids

Richard Hell — aka Richard Lester Meyers (born Oct. 2, 1949) — is an American singer, bassist, songwriter, and poet from Lexington, Ken., who became a fixture of NYC’s Lower East Side bohemian/art scene during the early 1970s. He first recorded with The Neon Boys, a formative version of Television. After a brief stint with Johnny Thunder’s Heartbreakers, Hell formed his own band The Voidoids with drummer Marc Bell (Dust, Estus) and guitarists Robert Quine and Ivan Julian. The band issued a three-song EP on Ork/Stiff in 1976, followed by the album Blank Generation on Sire in 1977. A second album with a different lineup appeared on Red Star Records in 1982.

Members: Richard Hell (vocals, bass), Robert Quine (guitar, 1976-82), Ivan Julian (guitar, 1976-79), Marc Bell (drums, 1976-78), Frank Mauro (drums, 1978-79), Jerry Antonius (bass, 1978-79), James Morrison (drums, 1979), Xavier Sessive (bass, 1979), Fred Maher (drums, 1982), Naúx (guitar, 1982), Michael Paumgardhen (guitar, 1983), Geoff Freeman (guitar, 1983), Charles Wood (drums, 1983), Jody Harris (guitar, 1985), Anton Fier (drums, 1985), Ted Horowitz (bass, 1985), Michael Allison [aka Darshan Ambient] (guitar)


  • “Another World” / “Blank Generation” / “You Gotta Lose” (1976)
  • Blank Generation (1977)
  • “The Kid With the Replaceable Head” / “I’m Your Man” (1979)
  • Destiny Street (1982 • Richard Hell and the Voidoids)

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