The Mission

The Mission are an English goth-rock band from Leeds that released four albums with accompanying singles on Mercury between 1986 and 1990, followed by three albums on assorted labels during the 1990s and two albums apiece during the subsequent two decades. Stateside, the band were billed in certain media as Mission U.K.

Members: Wayne Hussey (vocals), Simon Hinkler (lead guitar, 1985-90), Craig Adams (bass, 1985-93, 1999-2002), Mick Brown (drums, 1985-96), Rik Carter (keyboards, guitar, 1992-96), Andy Cousin (bass, 1992-96), Mark Thwaite (lead guitar, 1992-2001)


  • Gods Own Medicine (1986)
  • Children (1988)
  • Carved in Sand (1989)
  • Grains of Sand (1990)
  • Masque (1992)

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