Tarika Blue

Tarika Blue were a New York-based, multi-national jazz-funk/soul collective that was active during the late 1970s. Premiering in a strictly instrumental framework, the band incorporated vocals on their second of two albums.

Members: Phil Clendennin (keyboards, piano), Ryo Kawasaki (electric guitar), Barry Coleman (bass), Kevin Atkins (drums), Marvin Blackman (tenor saxophone), Bradie Speller (percussion), Justo Almario (soprano saxophone), James Mason (electric guitar), Tequila (vocals), Lisa Fisher (vocals), Irene Datcher (vocals), Dolores Smith (vocals)

The band was founded by Clendennin in partnership with veteran Japanese guitarist Ryo Kawasaki and Rashied Ali-sideman Marvin Blackman. Signed to Chiaroscuro Records, Tarika Blue debuted with The Blue Path (1976).


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