Release Music Orchestra

Release Music Orchestra were a German jazz-rock band that released five albums on Brain between 1974 and 1979.

Members: Manfred Rürup (keyboards), Günther Reger (saxophone), Frank Fischer (bass), Tommy Goldschmidt (percussion), Wolfgang Thierfeldt (drums), Norbert Jacobsen (saxophone, clarinet), Bernd Kiefer (bass), Holger Dunkel (bass, guitar), Wolfgang “Zabba” Lindner (drums, vibraphone), Margit Maya Haberland (vocals, percussion, guitar)


  • Life (1974)
  • Garuda (1975)
  • Get the Ball (1976)
  • Beyond the Limit (1978)
  • News (1979)
  • Bremen 1978 (2004 | live, 1978)

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