Spooky Tooth

Spooky Tooth was an English rock band that was active for two separate periods during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The band released four albums on Island between 1968 and 1970 before their initial breakup. A reformed lineup of the band released three further albums during 1973 and 1974. Due to numerous changes in […]

Gary Wright

Gary Wright (April 26, 1943) is an American singer, musician, and songwriter from Cresskill, N.J., who served as the co-vocalist and keyboardist in Spooky Tooth during two three-album periods between 1968 and 1974. Discography: Extraction (1971) Footprint (1971) Benjamin (OST, 1972) The Dream Weaver (1975) The Light of Smiles (1977) Touch and Gone (1977) Headin’ […]

Spooky Tooth ‎– Spooky Two (1969)

Spooky Two is the second album by English hard-rock band Spooky Tooth, released in 1969 on Island Records. Tracklist: A1. “Waitin’ for the Wind” (3:32) A2. “Feelin’ Bad” (3:18) A3. “I’ve Got Enough Heartaches” (3:27) A4. “Evil Woman” (9:02) B1. “Lost in My Dream” (5:03) B2. “That Was Only Yesterday” (3:53) B3. “Better by You, […]

Spooky Tooth ‎– The Mirror (1974)

The Mirror is the seventh album by English hard-rock band Spooky Tooth, released in 1974 on Goodear/Island.   Tracklist: A1. “Fantasy Satisfier” (4:37) A2. “Two Time Love” (3:30) A3. “Kyle” (3:46) A4. “Woman and Gold” (3:46) A5. “Higher Circles” (5:23) B1. “Hell or High Water” (5:07) B2. “I’m Alive” (4:12) B3. “The Mirror” (5:21) B4. […]

Gary Wright ‎– The Light of Smiles (1977)

The Light of Smiles is the fourth solo album by American keyboardist/songwriter Gary Wright, released in 1977 on Warner Bros. Musically, the album expands on the pioneering electronic-balladry first unveiled on his prior effort, Dream Weaver (1975). Tracklist: A1. “Water Sign” (4:32) A2. “Time Machine” (3:40) A3. “I Am the Sky” (0:40) A4. “Who Am […]