Ratt are an American hard-rock/metal band from San Diego that released a self-titled EP on Music for Nations in 1983, followed by five albums on Atlantic between 1984 and 1990.

Members: Stephen Pearcy (vocals), Robbin Crosby (guitar, vocals, 1981-91), Joey Cristofanilli (bass, 1981-82), Warren DeMartini (guitar, vocals, 1982-92), Marq Torien (guitar, vocals, 1982), Juan Croucier (bass, vocals, 1982-92), Bobby Blotzer (drums, percussion, harmonica, washboard, 1982-92)


  • Ratt (EP, 1983)
  • Out of the Cellar (1984)
  • Invasion of Your Privacy (1985)
  • Dancing Undercover (1986)
  • Reach for the Sky (1988)

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