Pigbag was an English new wave jazz-funk band, best known for the 1982 UK hit “Papa’s Got a Brand New Pigbag.” They released five singles and the 1982–83 albums Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jive and Lend An Ear on Y Records. Members: Chris Hamlin (clarinet, percussion, 1980-81), Roger Freeman (trombone, percussion, 1980-82), James Johnstone (guitar, […]


F.B.I. was a nine-piece English funk band that released a self-titled album on Tony Visconti’s Good Earth label in 1976. Members: Root Jackson (vocals), Bonnie Wilkinson (vocals), Jaime Black (guitar, flute), Raffi Pereira (guitar), Lennox Meade (bass), Alan Fealdman (keyboards), Lloyd Smith (saxophone), Herscel Holder (trumpet), Stephen Dixon (drums) Background Funky Bands Incorporated (F.B.I.) formed […]

Cado Belle

Cado Belle was a Scottish soul-funk band that released a 1976 self-titled album and a 1977 EP, both on Anchor. Singer Maggie Reilly sings on the Mike Oldfield hits “Family Man” and “Moonlight Shadow.” Members: Maggie Reilly (vocals), Alan Darby (guitar), Gavin Hodgson (bass), Stuart MacKillop (keyboards), Davy Roy (drums, percussion), Colin Tully (saxophone, flute) […]


Kokomo were an English soul-funk band that released two albums on CBS/Columbia in 1975. The band featured alumni from Liverpudlian harmony-pop band Arrival and Joe Cocker’s Grease Band. Members: Dyan Birch (vocals), Paddie McHugh (vocals), Frank Collins (vocals), Neil Hubbard (guitar), Alan Spenner (bass), Tony O’Malley (piano, vocals), Jim Mullen (guitar), Terry Stannard (drums), Joan […]


Incognito were an English jazz-funk band from London that released two singles on Ensign in 1980/81, followed by the album Jazz Funk in 1981. After a 10-year a gap in activity, a revolving lineup commenced a three-decade string of releases in the early ’90s. Members: Jean-Paul Maunick (guitar, keyboards, percussion, programming, bass, drums, vocals), Paul […]


Mandingo was a tribal-funk project comprised of English studio musicians, led by composer/conductor Geoff Love. The project yielded four albums on EMI between 1973 and 1977. Members: Geoff Love Discography: Sacrifice (1974) The Primeval Rhythm of Life (1973) III (1974) Savage Rite (1977)


Hi-Tension were an English soul-funk band from London that released a self-titled album on Island in 1978, followed by a string of singles during the ensuing five-year period. Members: Paul McLean (lead guitar, synthesizer, vocals), Patrick McLean (saxophone, vocals), David Joseph (keyboards, lead vocals), Ken Joseph (bass guitar, vocals), Jeffrey Guishard (percussion, lead vocals) Leroy […]

Loose Ends

Loose Ends were an Afro-British soul-funk trio that released the 1984–86 Virgin albums A Little Spice, So Where Are You?, and Zagora and charted with “Magic Touch,” “Hangin’ on a String (Contemplating),” “Slow Down,” and “Stay a Little While, Child.” Their 1988–90 albums The Real Chuckeeboo and Look How Long landed further hits with “Mr. […]


Linx were an English soul-funk band that released two albums on Chrysalis in 1981. Members: David Grant (vocals), Bob Carter (keyboards), Andy Duncan (drums), Canute Edwards [Canute] (guitar), Sketch Martin (bass) Discography: Intuition (1981) Go Ahead (1981)

Light of the World

Light of the World were an English soul-funk band from London that released two albums on Ensign in 1979 and 1980, followed by a third on EMI in 1982. Members: Jean Paul “Bluey” Maunick (guitar, vocals), Everton McCalla (drums), Paul “Tubs” Williams (bass, vocals), Neville “Breeze” McKreith (guitar, vocals), Chris Etienne (percussion, vocals), Peter Hinds […]

Level 42

Level 42 were an English jazz-funk band from the Isle of Wight that released seven studio albums and a live double-LP on Polydor between 1981 and 1988. Members: Mark King (vocals, bass, percussion, guitar, keyboards), Mike Lindup (vocals, keyboards, percussion, 1980-94, 2006-present), Phil Gould (drums, vocals, keyboards, 1980-87, 1993-94), Boon Gould (guitar, saxophone, 1980-87), Gary […]

J.A.L.N. Band

The J.A.L.N. Band were an English soul-funk septet from Birmingham that released three albums on Magnet between 1976 and 1978. The band’s name is an acronym for “just another lonely night.” Members: Roy Gee Hemmings (vocals), Tex Flint (saxophone), Willis Sylvester (saxophone), Steve Sylvester (bass, percussion), Charlie Sylvester (guitar), Sam Fortune (vocals, keyboards, percussion), Ronnie […]


Imagination were an English funk trio that released four albums on R & B Records between 1981 and 1983, followed by two further albums on Red Bus and RCA during the late 1980s.. Members: Leee John (lead vocals, keyboards), Ashley Ingram (guitar, bass, vocals), Errol Kennedy (drums, percussion) Discography: Body Talk (1981) In the Heat […]


Hummingbird was an English-American jazz-funk band that released three albums between 1975 and 1977 on A&M: Hummingbird, We Can’t Go On Meeting Like This, and Diamond Nights. They featured three-fifths of the second Jeff Beck Group, including keyboardist Max Middleton, who plays on Beck’s 1975–76 jazz-rock albums Blow by Blow and Wired. Members: Bobbie Tench […]

The Quick

The Quick were the English synth-funk duo of vocalist Colin Campsie and bassist/keyboardist George McFarlane. The pair released assorted singles and two proper album on Epic between 1979 and 1984, plus a third on A&M in 1986. Their first album, On the Uptake, appeared Down Under in 1981 to capitalize on the Australian success of […]

UK Players

The UK Players were an English funk band that released three singles on A&M circa 1980/81, followed by the album No Way Out in 1982. Two further singles appeared on RCA in 1983, concurrent with a pair of solo singles by vocalist/guitarist James Ross. Members: James Ross (vocalist, guitarist), Patrick Seymour (keyboardist), Philip Bishop (guitarist), […]


Freeez were an English funk band that released three albums and assorted singles on Beggars Banquet between 1980 and 1985. Members: John Rocca (vocals, percussion), Andy Stennett (keyboards), Peter Mass (bass), Paul Morgan (drums), Gordon Sullivan (guitar), Ingrid Mansfield Allman (vocals), Alison Gordon (vocals), Jason Wright (keyboards), Everton McCalla (drums), George Whitmore (saxophone, flute), Jean-Paul […]


Eruption were an English soul-funk band from London that released three albums on Hansa between 1977 and 1980, followed by a fourth on Jupiter in 1983. Members: Lindel Leslie (vocals, 1974-75), Precious Wilson (vocals, 1975-79), Kim Davis (vocals, 1980), Jane Jochen (vocals, 1980-85), Greg Perrineau (guitar), Morgan Perrineau (bass), Gerry Williams (keyboards), Eric Kingsley (drums) […]

Chaz Jankel

Chaz Jankel (born April 16, 1952) is an English keyboardist, songwriter, and vocalist from Stanmore, Middlesex, who recorded three albums with rustic-rockers Byzantium circa 1972/73. Between 1974 and 1979, he held slots in Jonathan Kelly’s Outside and Ian Dury’s Blockheads, musically guiding the latter act to chart success on the albums New Bootes and Panties!!! […]


Atmosfear were an English funk band from London that released the album En Trance on MCA in 1981. Members: Andy Sojka (guitar, rhythm guitar), Antony Antoniou (vocals, rhythm guitar), Leslie Bachelor (bass, keyboards), Ray Johnson (drums), Stewart Gawthorne (saxophone), Jerry Pike (percussion, sound effects) Discography: En Trance (1981)


UPP was an English jazz-funk band that released two albums on Epic during 1975 and 1976, the first produced by Jeff Beck. Drummer Jimmy Copley hailed from rustic-rockers Spreadeagle; he later did session work for Ann Lewis, The Quick, Go West, and Killing Joke. Keyboardist Andy Clark recorded three 1969–71 albums as part of the […]