Sweet was an English hard-rock/pop band from Harefield, Greater London, that released four studio albums and 18 singles on RCA between 1971 and 1976. Under the guidance of songwriters Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, they placed eight singles on the UK Top 10, including “Little Willy,” “Block Buster!,” “Hell Raiser,” “The Ballroom Blitz,” and “Teenage Rampage.”

The band wrote more of its own songs on the 1974 albums Sweet Fanny Adams and Desolation Boulevard, scoring a self-penned hit with “Fox on the Run.” Embracing their serious side, they moved to Polydor for a four-album run, charting with the through-composed epic “Love Is Like Oxygen” from their 1978 release Level Headed.

As one of the first acts to fuse elements of hard-rock (raspy vocals, churning riffs) with bubblegum (innocuous lyrics, singalong choruses), Sweet presaged the pop-metal boom of the 1980s.

Members: Mick Tucker (drums, vocals), Steve Priest (bass, vocals, 1968-82), Brian Connolly (vocals, 1968-79), Frank Torpey (guitar, 1968-69), Mick Stewart (guitar, 1969-70), Andy Scott (guitar, vocals, 1970-91), Mal McNulty (bass, vocals, 1985-91), Paul Mario Day (vocals, 1985-88), Phil Lanzon (keyboards, 1985-87), Malcolm Pearson (keyboards, 1988), Jeff Brown (bass, vocals, 1989-91)


  • Gimme Dat Ding (1971 • The Sweet / The Pipkins)
  • Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can Be (1971)
  • Sweet Fanny Adams (1974)
  • Desolation Boulevard (1974)
  • Strung Up (live, 1975)
  • Give Us a Wink (1976)
  • Off the Record (1977)
  • Level Headed (1978)
  • Cut Above the Rest (1979)
  • Waters Edge (1980)
  • Identity Crisis (1982)


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