Starcastle was an American symphonic-rock band that released four albums between 1976 and 1978 on Epic.

Members: Steve Hagler (guitar, lead vocals, piano, 1969-80, 2007), Paul Tassler (bass, 1969-71), Mike Castlehorn (drums, 1969-70), Steve Tassler (drums, percussion, vocals, 1970-80, 1999-2007), Herb Schildt (keyboards, organ, piano, synthesizer, mellotron, 1970-78, 1999-2006), Gary Strater (bass, vocals, guitar, clavinet, 1971-2004), Matt Stewart (guitar, vocals, mandolin, sitar, 1973-81, 1999-2007), Terry Luttrell (lead vocals, 1973-78, 1999-2002), Ralph Goldhiem (lead vocals, keyboards, 1979-82), Mauro Magellan (drums, 1980), Scott McKenzie (drums, 1982-87), George Harp (lead vocals, 1982-87), Bruce Botts (guitar, 1982-86, 1999-2007), Mark McGee (guitar, 1986-87), Jimmy Wagner (keyboards, 1986), Al Lewis (lead vocals, 2002-07), Woody Lingle (bass, 2007), Oliver Wakeman (keyboards, 2007)


Starcastle evolved from the covers band St. James, formed in 1969 Champaign–Urbana by guitarist Steve Hagler and bassist Paul Tassler. After the death of drummer Mike Castlehorn in a 1970 road accident, Paul’s brother Steve Tassler joined the band. Around the same time, they expanded to a four-piece with keyboardist Herb Schildt. The following year, Paul cleared way for bassist Gary Strater.

The band filtered through a sequence of names (Pegasus, Mad John Fever) before settling on Starcastle. In 1973, they were joined by vocalist Terry Luttrell and second guitarist Matt Stewart. Luttrell was fresh off a four-year, one-album stint with fellow Champaign rockers REO Speedwagon. After several years spent gigging and developing material, Starcastle signed to Epic in 1974.


Starcastle released their self-titled debut album in February 1976 on Epic.

A1. “Lady of the Lake” (10:26)
A2. “Elliptical Seasons” (4:24)
A3. “Forces” (6:24)
B1. “Stargate” (2:50)
B2. “Sunfield” (7:40)
B3. “To the Fire Wind” (5:16)
B4. “Nova” (2:34)

Recorded At – Golden Voice Studios in South Pekin, Illinois
Producer, Engineer – Tommy Vicari
Engineer – Norm Kinney

Bass Guitar, Other [Bass Pedals], Vocals – Gary Strater
Drums, Percussion, Vocals – Stephen Tassler
Guitar, Vocals – Matthew Stewart, Stephen Hagler
Lead Vocals – Terry Luttrell
Organ, Synthesizer, Piano – Herb Schildt

Liner Notes – Tom Werman
Photography By – David Gulick
Art Direction – Ed Lee
Design Concept – Shorewood Packaging
Illustration – Alex Ebel

Fountains of Light

Starcastle released their second album, Fountains of Light, in January 1977 on Epic.

A1. “Fountains” (10:25)
A2. “Dawning of the Day” (3:46)
A3. “Silver Winds” (4:57)
B1. “True to the Light” (6:27)
B2. “Portraits” (5:03)
B3. “Diamond Song (Deep Is the Light)” (5:36)

Recorded At – Le Studio in Morin-Heights, Québec
Producer – Roy Thomas Baker
Engineer – Nick Blagona

Bass, Clavinet, Vocals – Gary Strater
Drums, Percussion, Vocals – Stephen Tassler
Guitar, Piano, Electric Piano, Vocals – Stephen Hagler
Guitar, Slide Guitar, Sitar [Electric Sitar], Vocals – Matthew Stewart
Organ, Synthesizer, Electric Piano – Herb Schildt
Vocals – Terry Luttrell

Artwork [Back Cover] – Danny Wong
Artwork [Front Cover] – Peter Lloyd
Artwork [Tinted Photography] – G. Wayne Whittier


Starcastle released their third album, Citadel, in October 1977 on Epic.

A1. “Shine On Brightly” (5:14)
A2. “Shadows of Song” (5:08)
A3. “Can’t Think Twice” (3:51)
A4. “Wings of White” (4:48)
B1. “Evening Wind” (5:27)
B2. “Change In Time” (4:31)
B3. “Could This Be Love” (3:23)
B4. “Why Have They Gone” (6:53)

Producer – Roy Thomas Baker
Engineer – Barry Hammond

Bass Guitar, Vocals – Gary Strater
Drums, Percussion, Vocals – Steve Tassler
Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals – Matt Stewart
Guitar, Vocals – Steve Hagler
Lead Vocals – Terry Luttrell
Synthesizer, Organ, Piano, Mellotron, Synthesizer [Oberheim] – Herb Schildt

Artwork – Hildebrandt
Design – Ed Lee
Design [With A Little Help From] – Alan Ostroff
Photography By – Mark Hauser

Real to Reel

Starcastle released their fourth album, Real to Reel, on October 21, 1978, on Epic.

A1. “Half a Mind to Leave Ya” (4:46)
A2. “Whatcha Gonna Do (When It All Comes Down On You)” (3:31)
A3. “We Did It” (3:51)
A4. “Nobody’s Fool” (3:58)
A5. “Song for Alaya” (3:04)
B1. “So Here We Are” (3:55)
B2. “She” (3:41)
B3. “The Stars Are Out Tonight” (3:52)
B4. “When The Sun Shines at Midnight” (6:15)

Producer – Jeffrey Lesser

Bass, Clavinet, Vocals – Gary Strater
Drums, Percussion, Vocals – Stephen Tassler
Guitar, Guitar [Slide], Vocals – Matthew Stewart
Guitar, Piano, Vocals – Stephen Hagler
Lead Vocals – Terry Luttrell
Organ, Synthesizer, Piano – Herb Schildt



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