Urszula Dudziak ‎– Urszula (1975)

Urszula is the second album by Polish experimental jazz vocalist Urszula Dudziak, released in 1975 on Arista. Tracklist: A1. “Papaya” (4:02) A2. “Mosquito” (4:25) A3. “Mosquito Dream” (2:34) A4. “Mosquito Bite” (4:23) A5. “Just the Way You Are” (3:22) B1. “Sno King” (4:34) B2. “Butterfly” (4:34) B3. “Zavinul” (5:15) B4. “Funk Rings” (2:16) B5. “Call Me […]


Kochi were a multinational jazz-rock super-group led by Japanese keyboardist/composer Masabumi Kikuchi. The project yielded the album Wishes on East Wind in 1976. Members: Al Foster, Anthony Jackson, David Liebman, James Mtume, Masabumi Kikuchi, Reggie Lucas, Steve Grossman, Terumasa Hino Discography: Wishes (1976)

Shunzo Ohno ‎– Something’s Comming (1975)

Something’s Comming is the second headlining album by Japanese jazz trumpeter Shunzo Ohno, released in 1975 on East Wind. Most reissues of the title correct the spelling of the word “coming.”   Tracklist: A1. “Something’s Comming” (14:12) A2. “You Dig That?” (4:41) B1. “I Remember That It Happened” (6:03) B2. “But It’s Not So” (11:06) […]

Roberta Flack – Blue Lights in the Basement (1977)

Blue Lights in the Basement is an album by American vocalist/songwriter Roberta Flack, released in 1977 on Atlantic. Tracklist: A1. “Why Don’t You Move in With Me” (4:51) A2. “The Closer I Get to You” (4:39) A3. “Fine, Fine Day” (4:49) A4. “This Time I’ll Be Sweeter” (4:23) A5. “25th of Last December” (4:31) B1. […]

Hubert Eaves – Esoteric Funk (1977)

Esoteric Funk is an album by American jazz-funk keyboardist Hubert Eaves, released in 1977 on East Wind. Tracklist: A1. “Call To Awareness” (7:06) A2. “Painfull Pleasure” (5:31) A3. “Slow Down” (5:10) B1. “Flead Dancing” (6:20) B2. “Song For Marlene” (5:17) B3. “Under Standing” (5:32) Credits: Hubert Eaves — piano, fender rhodes electric piano, synthesizer, Clavinet, […]

Zbigniew Seifert ‎– Zbigniew Seifert (1977)

Zbigniew Seifert is the self-titled second album by the Polish jazz-rock violinist, released in 1977 on Capitol. Tracklist: A1. “On the Farm” (5:26) A2. “Quasimodo” (4:21) A3. “Way to Oasis” (3:55) A4. “For the Love of You” (3:58) B1. “Chinatown” (5:11) B2. “Nasty Gal” (3:58) B3. “Would You Ever…” (4:09) B4. “Song for Christopher” (5:41) […]

Stephanie Mills ‎– Sweet Sensation (1980)

Sweet Sensation is the fourth album by American soul/pop vocalist Stephanie Mills, released in 1980 on 20th Century-Fox. Tracklist: A1. “Sweet Sensation” (4:30) A2. “Try My Love” (3:50) A3. “I Just Wanna Say” (6:10) A4. “Wish That You Were Mine” (4:33) B1. “D-A-N-C-I-N‘” (5:41) B2. “Still Mine” (5:33) B3. “Never Knew Love Like This Before” […]