Association P.C.

Association P.C. were a Dutch/German avant-garde jazz-rock ensemble that released five albums between 1970 and 1974 on the MPS, Munich, and Corona labels. Members: Pierre Courbois (drums, percussion), Toto Blanke (guitar, ring modulator, nagoya harp), Jasper van’t Hof (electric piano, 1969-73), Peter Krijnen (bass, 1969-70), Sigi Busch (bass, 1970-75), Heiner Wiberny (tenor saxophone, basset horn, […]


Information were a German/American jazz-rock super-trio that released a self-titled album on RCA Victor in 1981. Members: Joachim Kühn (piano, synthesizer, alto saxophone), George Kochbek [aka Jürgen Kochbek] (Moog, keyboards, vocals), Mark Nauseef (percussion) Discography: Information (1981)

Joachim Kühn

Joachim Kühn (born March 15, 1944) is a German pianist who has appeared on more than 400 recordings since the early 1960s. During the 1970s, he released a string of jazz-rock/funk albums on MPS/BASF and Atlantic. Discography: Impressions of New York (1968 • The Rolf and Joachim Kühn Quartet) Bold Music (1969) Sound of Feelings […]

Toto Blanke – Spider’s Dance (1975)

Spider’s Dance is the debut solo album by German jazz-rock guitarist Toto Blanke, released in 1975 on Vertigo. Tracklist: A1. “Lady’s Bicycle Seat Smeller” (7:00) A2. “Intermission” (6:58) A3. “Rocbaron” (2:45) A4. “Toto” (6:22) B1. “Spider’s Dance” (4:33) B2. “Prelude” (0:58) B3. “Slight Touch of Hepatitis” (14:28) Credits: Toto Blanke — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, […]

Information – Information (1981)

Information is the first and only album by the namesake trio featuring German jazz-rock keyboardist Joachim Kühn and American percussionist Mark Nauseef. The album was released in 1981 on RCA Victor. Tracklist: A1. “The Informer” (5:23) A2. “Miles” (6:07) A3. “Dreamworld” (9:00) B1. “Gorilla Growl” (3:12) B2. “Dyslexia” (1:10) B3. “Come This Way” (2:51) B4. “Line […]

Rolf Kühn Orchestra ‎– Symphonic Swampfire (1979)

Symphonic Swampfire is an album by German jazz-rock composer/conductor/clarinetist Rolf Kühn, recorded with an orchestra featuring his pianist brother Joachim Kühn alongside guitarist Philip Catherine and percussionist Wolfgang Schlüter. The album was released in 1979 on MPS. Tracklist: A1. “Symphonic Swampfire, Part I” (9:41) A2. “Symphonic Swampfire, Part II” (7:28) B1. “La Canal” (7:01) B2. […]

Jean-Luc Ponty Experience ‎– Open Strings (1973)

Open Strings is an album by French violinist Jean-Luc Ponty, released in 1973 on MPS. The musician is backed on this release by Experience — a multinational jazz-rock combo that included German pianist Joachim Kühn and English guitarist Philip Catherine. Tracklist: A1. “Flipping, Part I” (4:38) A2. “Flipping, Part II” (10:38) A3. “Flipping, Part III” (5:31) B1. “Open […]

Piano Conclave ‎– Palais Anthology (1975)

Palais Anthology is a one-off album by multinational jazz-rock supergroup Piano Conclave, released in 1975 on MPS. Arranged and directed by Swiss pianist/composer George Gruntz, the project grew out of his earlier 2001 Keys – Piano Conclave album and features most of the same personnel, including pianists Joachim Kühn, Jasper van’t Hof, and Gordon Beck. […]

Joachim Kühn feat. Alphonse Mouzon ‎– Hip Elegy (1976)

Hip Elegy is an album by German jazz-rock keyboardist/composer Joachim Kühn, released in 1976 on MPS. Tracklist: A1. “Seven Sacred Pools” (8:39) A2. “Travelling Love” (7:51) A3. “Bed Stories” (5:26) B1. “Hip Elegy in Kingsize” (8:33) B2. “Santa Cruz” (4:50) B3. “First Frisco” (7:09) Credits: Joachim Kühn — piano, fender rhodes electric piano, synthesizer, arp […]

Joachim Kühn ‎– Springfever (1976)

Springfever is an album by German jazz-rock keyboardist/composer Joachim Kühn, released in 1976 on Atlantic. Tracklist: A1. “Lady Amber” (10:15) A2. “Sunshine” (3:45) A3. “Two Whips” (4:40) A4. “Spring Fever” (3:39) B1. “Morning” (7:00) B2. “Mushroom” (2:35) B3. “Equal Evil” (5:15) B4. “California Woman” (7:00) Credits: Joachim Kühn — keyboards, composer, arranger, producer Philip Catherine […]

Zbigniew Seifert ‎– Man of the Light (1976)

Man of the Light is the debut solo album by Polish jazz-rock violinist Zbigniew Seifert, released in 1976 on MPS. Tracklist: A1. “City of Spring” (6:37) A2. “Man of the Light (Dedicated to McCoy Tyner)” (9:45) A3. “Stillness” (5:00) B1. “Turbulent Plover” (7:27) B2. “Love in the Garden” (6:12) B3. “Coral (Dedicated to My Violin […]

The Rolf Kühn Group ‎– Connection ’74 (1974)

Connection ’74 is a jazz-rock album headed by German clarinetist Rolf Kühn, featuring the talents of his pianist brother Joachim Kühn as well as guitarist Toto Blanke and trumpeter Randy Brecker. The albums was released in 1974 on MPS. Tracklist: A1. “Made in Spain” (7:02) A2. “German Country” (7:17) A3. “Zest” (3:11) B1. “Things Are What […]

Joachim Kühn ‎– Cinemascope (1974)

Cinemascope is an album by German jazz pianist Joachim Kühn, released in 1974 on MPS. Tracklist: A1. “Zoom (Part 1)” (5:26) A2. “Zoom (Part 2)” (3:44) A3. “One String More” (8:18) A4. “Vibrator” (2:16) B1. “Travelling (Part 1)” (5:10) B2. “Travelling (Part 2)” (6:27) B3. “Success” (5:06) B4. “Black Tears” (5:16) Credits: Rolf Kühn — producer, […]

George Gruntz ‎– 2001 Keys – Piano Conclave (1974)

2001 Keys – Piano Conclave is a jazz-rock album by Swiss pianist/composer George Gruntz, released in 1974 on Atlantic. The title was adopted by his ensemble Piano Conclave, which released Palais Anthology the following year with several big-name soloists also heard here, including Gordon Beck, Joachim Kühn, and Jasper Van’t Hof. Tracklist: A1. “Flight 6-2A-A5” […]

Jan Akkerman ‎– Jan Akkerman (1977)

Jan Akkerman is the second solo album by Dutch classical/jazz-rock guitarist Jan Akkerman, released in 1977 on Atlantic. Tracklist: A1. “Crackers” (4:19) A2. “Angel Watch” (9:50) A3. “Pavane” (5:31) B1. “Streetwalker” (6:59) B2. “Skydancer” (5:13) B3. “Floatin’” (5:13) B4. “Gate to Europe” (3:02) Credits: Joachim Kühn — keyboards Cees van der Laarse — bass Bruno […]

Rolf Kühn Jazzgroup ‎– Going to the Rainbow (1970)

Going to the Rainbow is an album by German jazz clarinetist Rolf Kühn‘s Jazzgroup, featuring brother Joachim Kühn on keyboards alongside Alan Skidmore, John Surman, and Chick Corea. The album was released in 1970 on BASF. Tracklist: A1. “Houndhouse Rock” (4:50) A2. “Sad Ballade” (3:39) A3. “T.C.B.” (9:45) B1. “Going to the Rainbow” (12:55) B2. […]