X is an American rock band from Los Angeles, formed in 1977 during the Southwest punk explosion. They debuted with the 1978 Dangerhouse single “Adult Books” and released the 1980–81 Slash albums Los Angeles and Wild Gift, followed by the 1982–83 Elektra albums Under the Big Black Sun and More Fun in the New World — all produced by ex-Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek. Their popular songs include “Johny Hit and Run Paulene,” “White Girl,” and “Blue Spark.”

Members: John Doe (bass, vocals), Exene Cervenka (vocals), Billy Zoom (guitar, 1977-86, 1998-present), Mick Basher (drums, 1977), D.J. Bonebrake (drums, 1978-present), Dave Alvin (guitar, 1986-87), Tony Gilkyson (guitar, 1986-95)

X formed in 1977 when bassist–singer John Doe (b. John Nommensen Duchac; Feb. 25, 1953, Decatur, Ill.) teamed with guitarist Billy Zoom (b. Stuart Tyson Kindell; Feb. 20, 1948, Savanna, Ill.). Doe invited his poet girlfriend, Exene Cervenka (b. Christene Lee Cervenka; Feb. 1, 1956, Chicago), who attended rehearsals and soon became their singer. The lineup stabilized in 1978 with drummer Donald J. Bonebrake (b. Dec. 8, 1955, Burbank), who briefly played in The Germs, LA’s pioneering punk band.


  • Los Angeles (1980)
  • Wild Gift (1981)
  • Under the Big Black Sun (1982)
  • More Fun in the New World (1983)
  • Ain’t Love Grand! (1985)
  • See How We Are (1987)
  • Live at the Whisky a Go-Go (live 2LP, 1988)


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