The Nice

The Nice was an English psychedelic rock band with keyboardist Keith Emerson. In 1968, they scored a UK hit with “America” and released two albums on Immediate Records: The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack and Ars Longa Vita Brevis. In 1969, The Nice released a self-titled third album (aka Everything as Nice as Mother Makes It) […]

Jackson Heights

Jackson Heights was an English band that issued the folk-rock album King Progress on Charisma in 1970. After a lineup change, they moved to Vertigo for the 1972/73 albums The Fifth Avenue Bus, Ragamuffins Fool, and Bump ‘n’ Grind, the latter two influenced by ragtime and music hall. They were one of three bands — […]


Refugee was an English symphonic-rock trio that released a self-titled album on Charisma in 1974. The band was essentially a reformed Nice with keyboardist Patrick Moraz in lieu of Keith Emerson. The project ended soon after the album’s release when Moraz was invited to replace Rick Wakeman in Yes. Members: Patrick Moraz (keyboards), Lee Jackson […]

The Nice – The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack (1968)

The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack is the debut album by English organ-psych quartet The Nice, released in 1968 on Immediate. Tracklist: A1. “Flower King of Flies” (3:56) A2. “Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack” (2:47) A3. “Bonnie K” (3:22) A4. “Rondo” (8:25) B1. “War and Peace” (5:13) B2. “Tantalising Maggie” (4:30) B3. “Dawn” (5:07) B4. “The Cry […]

Jackson Heights ‎– Bump ‘N’ Grind (1973)

Bump ‘N’ Grind is the fourth album by English art-rock/music-hall foursome Jackson Heights, released in 1973 on Vertigo.   Tracklist: A1. “I Could Be Your Orchestra” (4:22) A2. “Spaghetti Sunshine” (3:30) A3. “Long Naked Lady” (3:40) A4. “Public Romance” (2:40) A5. “Bump and Grind” (3:30) B1. “Cumberland Country” (4:30) B2. “It’s a Shame” (4:25) B3. […]

Jackson Heights ‎– Ragamuffins Fool (1972)

Ragamuffins Fool is the third album by English art-rock/music-hall foursome Jackson Heights, released in 1972 on Vertigo. The album was issued stateside the following year with different cover art on the Verve label. Tracklist: A1. “Maureen” (3:50) A2. “Oh You Beauty” (4:00) A3. “As She Starts” (3:46) A4. “Bebop” (3:56) A5. “Catch a Thief” (4:48) […]