Dust was an American northeast power trio that released two albums, Dust and Hard Attack, on Kama Sutra in 1971/72. Members: Richie Wise (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals), Marc Bell [Marky Ramone] (drums), Kenny Aaronson (bass, steel guitar, Dobro, bottleneck guitar) Background Dust formed in 1969 in New York City when guitarist Richie Wise teamed […]


Estus were an American hard-rock band that released a self-titled album on Columbia in 1973. The album was produced by former Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham, whose contemporary stateside credits include recordings by Sunday Funnies and Brett Smiley. Drummer Marc Bell hailed from Dust and later surfaced in Richard Hell and the Voidoids. Guitarist/keyboardist […]

Dust ‎– Dust (1971)

Dust is the first of two albums by the namesake American hard-rock trio, released in 1971 on Kama Sutra. Tracklist: A1. “Stone Woman” (4:02) A2. “Chasin’ Ladies” (3:34) A3. “Goin’ Easy” (4:28) A4. “Love Me Hard” (5:25) B1. “From a Dry Camel” (9:49) B2. “Often Shadows Felt” (5:10) B3. “Loose Goose” (3:48) Credits: Richie Wise […]

Richard Hell & the Voidoids

Richard Hell — aka Richard Lester Meyers (born Oct. 2, 1949) — is an American singer, bassist, songwriter, and poet from Lexington, Ken., who became a fixture of NYC’s Lower East Side bohemian/art scene during the early 1970s. He first recorded with The Neon Boys, a formative version of Television. After a brief stint with […]