Diagram Brothers

Diagram Brothers were an English art-punk band from Manchester that debuted with a standalone single on self-press Construct Records in 1980. Signed to Buzzcocks-manager Richard Boone’s New Hormones label, the band issued a second single and the album Some Marvels of Modern Science in 1981, followed by the four-song 10″ Discordo in 1982.

Members: Andy Diagram (bass, vocals), Simon Diagram (drums), Laurence Diagram (guitar), Fraser Diagram (vocals, guitar), Jason Diagram [aka Jason Pitchers] (bass, 1980)


  • “We Are All Animals” (1980)
  • “Bricks” / “Postal Bargains” (1981)
  • Some Marvels of Modern Science (1981)
  • Discordo 45 (EP, 1982)
  • German E.P. (EP, 1982)

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