Birth Control

Birth Control are a German hard-rock band that was initially active as a recording unit for 13 years, starting in the late 1960s. The band released eleven studio albums and two live LPs between 1970 and 1982.

Members: Bernd Koschmidder (bass, 1966-73), Reinhold Sobotta (keyboards, 1966-72), Rolf Gurra [Rolly Joker] (saxophone, vocals, 1966-69), Reiner Borchert (guitar, 1966-69), Hugo Egon Balder (drums, 1966-68), Klaus Orso (guitar, 1966-68), Fritz Gröger (lead vocals, guitar, 1968-69), Gerd Alsheimer (guitar, 1968-69), Bernd Noske (drums, percussion, lead vocals, 1968-83, 1993-2014), Bruno Frenzel (guitar, vocals, 1969-83), Wolfgang Neuser (keyboards, 1972-73), Zeus B. Held (keyboards, 1973-79), Peter Föller (bass, lead vocals, 1973-77, 2016-present), Dirk Steffens (guitar, 1973-74), Horst Stachelhaus (bass, 1977-80, 1993-99), Manni von Bohr (drums, 1977-80, 2016-present), Wolfgang Horn (keyboards, 1979-81), Jürgen Goldschmidt (bass, 1980-93), Stefan Linke (guitar, 1981-83), Ulrich Klein (keyboards, 1981-83)


Birth Control coalesced in 1968 Berlin when drummer/singer Bernd Noske joined the beat group co-founded by organist Reinhold Sobotta and bassist Bernd Koschmidder. In 1969, guitarist and songwriter Bruno Frenzel joined the band and they issued the single “October” (b/w “Freedom”) on the Austrian label Amadeo International. Both sides feature swirling organ layers, rapid-fire drum rolls, unison vocal lines, and lengthy instrumental sections (in under four minutes).

Birth Control 

Birth Control released their self-titled debut album in 1970 on Metronome.


Birth Control released their second album, Operation, in 1971 on Ohr.

Hoodoo Man

Birth Control released their third album, Hoodoo Man, in 1972 on CBS.


Birth Control released their fourth album, Rebirth, in 1973 on CBS.


In late 1974, CBS released the double-album Live, the first Birth Control live album.

Plastic People

Birth Control released their fifth studio album, Plastic People, in 1975 on CBS.

Backdoor Possibilities

Birth Control released their sixth album, Backdoor Possibilities, in 1976 on Brain.


Birth Control released their seventh album, Increase, in 1977 on Brain.


Birth Control released their eighth album, Titanic, in 1978 on Brain.

Live 79

In 1979, Brain released Live 79, the second Birth Control live album.

Count on Dracula

Birth Control released their ninth studio album, Count on Dracula, in 1980 on Ariola.

Deal Done at Night

Birth Control released their tenth studio album, Deal Done at Night, in 1981 on Ariola.


Birth Control released their eleventh studio album, Bäng, in 1982 on Ohr.



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