Saluki were a Norwegian maximalist rock quintet of the mid-1970s. Members: Freddy Dahl (vocals, guitar), Peter Berg Nilsen (vocals, saxophone), Kjell Rønningen (keyboards), Sverre Beyer (bass), Bjørn Jenssen (drums) Frontman Dahl had the most active background, first as a member of Junipher Green on their classic double-platter Friendship (1971), followed by time with the George […]

Saluki ‎– Saluki (1976)

Saluki is an album by the namesake Norwegian jazz-rock ensemble, released in 1976 on Compendium. Tracklist: A1. “Come Down” (5:18) A2. “Autumn” (5:53) A3. “The Awakening” (3:45) A4. “Love to the Sun” (9:30) B1. “Uranus in Cancer” (6:26) B2. “Fantasy Suns” (1:49) B3. “Hidden Path III” (10:40) B4. “Take the Road Across the Bridge” (7:20) […]