Randy Crawford

Randy Crawford (born Feb. 18, 1952) is an American soul and jazz singer from Macon, Ga., who sung on albums by Harvey Mason, Steve Hackett, and The Crusaders. As a solo artist, she released 11 albums on Warner Bros. between 1976 and 1993, followed by three further titles in advance of the 21st century.

She was born Veronica Crawford on February 18, 1952, in Macon, Ga. She started touring in her late teens and issued a pair of 1972/73 singles on Columbia: “Knock on Wood” (b/w “If You Say the Word”) and “Don’t Get Caught (In Love’s Triangle)” (b/w “Magic Wand of Love“). In 1975, she appeared among a group of vocalists on Marching In the Street, the debut solo album by jazz-funk drummer Harvey Mason.

Crawford debuted as a solo artist with the 1976 album Everything Must Change, produced by Stewart Levine (Hugh Masekela, The Crusaders). It was released worldwide on Warner Bros., her label for the next 17 years.


  • Everything Must Change (1976)
  • Miss Randy Crawford (1977)
  • Raw Silk (1979)
  • Now We May Begin (1980)
  • Secret Combination (1981)
  • Windsong (1982)
  • Nightline (1983)
  • Abstract Emotions (1986)
  • Rich and Poor (1989)


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