April Wine

April Wine is a Canadian hard-rock band from Halifax, Nova Scotia, that released 12 studio albums and three live discs on Aquarius Records between 1971 and 1985.

Members: Myles Goodwyn (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Jimmy Henman (vocals, bass, 1969), David Henman (guitar, 1969-73), Ritchie Henman (drums, 1969-73), Jim Clench (bass, 1970-75, 1992-2007), Gary Moffet (guitar, backing vocals, 1973-85), Jerry Mercer (drums, 1973-85, 1992-2008), Steve Lang (bass, backing vocals, 1975-85), Brian Greenway [aka Greenway] (vocals, guitar, 1977-present), Daniel Barbe (keyboards, 1985-92), Jean Pellerin (bass, 1985-92), Marty Simon (drums, 1985-92)

April Wine was formed in 1969 in the Waverly suburb of Halifax by singer/guitarist Myles Goodwyn, guitarist David Henman, and his drumming brother Ritchie Henman. The Henman’s had jammed for several years as a garage duo in St. John’s Newfoundland before moving to Nova Scotia. Their cousin, bassist Jimmy Henman, completed the founding lineup.

Noting the provinces lack of recording opportunities, the band sent a demo to Montreal’s upstart label Aquarius Records. Label co-founders Terry Flood and Donald K. Tarlton sent the band a polite rejection letter that was misinterpreted by the members as an invitation. In April 1970, the band flew out to Montreal with their equipment in tow. Despite the misunderstanding, Flood and Tarlton ultimately came around and signed the band.


  • April Wine (1971)
  • On Record (1972)
  • Electric Jewels (1973)
  • Live! (1974)
  • Stand Back (1975)
  • The Whole World’s Goin’ Crazy (1976)
  • Forever for Now (1977)
  • Live at the El Mocambo (1977)
  • First Glance (1978)
  • Harder…Faster (1979)
  • The Nature of the Beast (1981)
  • Power Play (1982)
  • Animal Grace (1984)
  • Walking Through Fire (1985)
  • One for the Road (live, 1985)


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