Picchio dal Pozzo

Picchio dal Pozzo are an Italian avant-jazz/rock band from Genova, Liguria, formed in 1973. The band debuted with a self-titled album on Grog in 1976, followed by Abbiamo Tutti i Suoi Problemi on L’Orchestra in 1980. Two decades later, recordings for a would-have-been 1977 album were issued by Cuneiform on the outtakes collection Camere Zimmer Rooms.

Members: Aldo De Scalzi (keyboards, percussion, guitar, saxophone, vocals), Paolo Griguolo (guitar, percussion, clarinet, flute, vocals), Giorgio Karaghiosoff (saxophone, flute, percussion, vocals), Andrea Beccari (bass, percussion, flute, vocals), Claudio Lugo (saxophone, flute), Roberto Romani (saxophone, flute, clarinet), Aldo Di Marco (drums, percussion, keyboards)


  • Picchio dal Pozzo (1976)
  • Abbiamo Tutti i Suoi Problemi (1980)
  • Camere Zimmer Rooms (2001 — recorded 1977/80)

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